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I have been researching uniforms for about 25 years and have accumulated quite a collection of illustrations, in excess of 25,000 individual uniform plates (and increasing daily).  I started as a pretty ordinary figurine modeller, just couldn't get the painting right.  After a while I got more interested in the uniform colours than the models so I started collecting information.

My first love is the uniforms worn by Australian servicemen and women, having been one for 14 years.  Because of this I have an extensive collection of information on colonial and federation uniforms worn by Australian forces since the first indigenous volunteers in 1801.  Finding the details of obscure uniforms such as the short-lived Sydney Light Horse of 1885 gave me quite a buzz, and still does.

After Australia I have a passion for the uniforms worn by British Empire and Commonwealth military, paramilitary forces and police.  This is a field of great potential and complexity, and has certainly caused me some problems, which it still does.

Overall, I just enjoy researching uniforms from all over the world and have thousands of illustrations that address almost every nation, including Liberia, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg to name a few.  I should say that I concentrate on the modern era, post-1848.  I have dabbled in the Napoleonic wars, but they are generally well covered.

If you have a particular project in mind, or would like to exchange information on a subject let me know.  If you have an interest in a particular uniform contact me and we can see about a swap of information or a commission, or try the forums when they are up and running.

I hope you enjoy this website and get involved in the discussions.  If you think it can be improved then let me know, all suggestions will be considered (as long as they aren't rude).

My contact email address is

Thanks for taking the time to look around, I hope you enjoy the site.