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The King's African Rifles, 1902 to 1963

This CD contains 100 illustrations of uniforms worn by the units that composed the King's African Rifles.  Included are a selection of unit badges and illustrations of the backings worn by peace and wartime units. The illustrations are complemented with descriptive text and also brief details of the KAR's history. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Askari, 1940


Shown here is the standard dress for the KAR in Africa during the war.  The brim of the hat is flat to provide better protection from the sun, and the sleeves are partially rolled due to the heat.  He wears long breeches with drill puttees and boots.

The equipment was a leather variant of the 1937 webbing equipment.  The production of webbing could not keep up with the requirement for equipment, so leather was used as an alternative.  Photographs indicate that this pattern of equipment was issued in Africa by the KAR and Belgian colonial troops.  Use by other troops is not known.

In addition to the rifle and bayonet, this Askari carries a machete on the rear of the right hip.


If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (01) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Askari, 1st or 2nd Battalion, 1902  Askari, 3rd Battalion, 1905 Askari, 1906  Askari, 1906 Lance Corporal, 6th Battalion, 1906  Askari, 1907 Lieutenant, 1909 Bandsman, 1st or 2nd Battalion, 1910 Lieutenant, 1911 Askari, 2nd Battalion, 1912 Askari, 1912 Askari, 1914 Corporal, 2nd Battalion, 1915 Lance Corporal, 1st Battalion, 1916 Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 1917 Bandsman, 1st Battalion, 1917  Major, 3rd Battalion, 1917 Askari, 4th Battalion, 1917 Captain, 1/2nd Battalion, 1917 Captain, 3rd Battalion, 1918 Askari, 4th Battalion, 1918 Lance Corporal, 2nd Battalion, 1918 Native Officer, 1919 Native Sergeant Major, 1st Battalion, 1925 Askari, 2nd Battalion, 1925 Recruit, 1925 Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 1926 Major, Headquarters, 1926 Second Lieutenant, 1926 Askari, 1927 Askari, 1927 Bandsman, 1927 Askari, 1928 Bandsman, 2nd Battalion, 1928 Askari, 4th Battalion, 1930 Captain, 4th Battalion, 1934 Bandsman, 6th Battalion, 1935  Native Regimental Sergeant Major, 1st Battalion, 1936 Lieutenant, Supply & Transport Section, 1937 Bandsman, 1st or 2nd Battalion, 1937  Askari, 1st Battalion, 1938 Lieutenant Colonel, 4th Battalion, 1938 Askari, 4th Battalion, 1938 Captain, Coastal Defence Unit, 1938  Captain, 1938 Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion, 1939  Askari, 1940 Askari, 1st Armoured Car Section, 1940 Corporal, 1941 Sergeant, 1943 Bandsman, KAR Band, 1944 Corporal, 72nd Battalion, 1944 Askari, 1945  Askari, 5th Battalion, 1945   Askari, 2nd Battalion, 1947  Corporal, 3rd Battalion, 1949 Askari, 2nd Battalion, 1949 Lieutenant, 5th Battalion, 1950  Warrant Officer, 1st Battalion, 1950 Askari, 1950 Corporal, 1952 Captain, 2nd Battalion, 1952 Staff Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 1953 Askari, 2nd Battalion,1953 Sergeant, 26th Battalion, 1953 Askari, 26th Battalion, 1953  Corporal, Kenya Military Band, 1953 Askari, 1953  Askari, 7th Battalion, 1954 Askari, 2nd Battalion, 1955 Bandsman, 4th Battalion, 1955 Askari, 5th Battalion, 1955 Askari, 5th Battalion, 1955 Captain, 3rd Battalion, 1956 British Warrant Officer, 3rd Battalion, 1956 Lieutenant, 4th Battalion, 1956 Corporal, 7th Battalion, 1956 Askari, 1956  Bandsman, 5th Battalion, 1955 Askari, 3rd Battalion, 1957 Drum Major, 4th Battalion, 1957  Askari, 7th Battalion, 1957 British Sergeant, Royal Army Education Corps, 1957 British Sergeant, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, 1957 Sergeant, 5th Battalion, 1957 Bandsman, Kenya Military Band, 1957 Askari, Royal Corps of Signals, 1957 Major, 4th Battalion, 1958 Bandsman, 5th Battalion, 1958 Captain, 5th Battalion, 1958 Bandsman, 6th Battalion, 1958 Second Lieutenant, 11th Battalion, 1958  Bandsman, Tanganyika Military Band, 1958 Sergeant, 11th Battalion, 1959 Askari, 1959  Askari, 1959 Bandsman, 11th Battalion, 1960  Bandsman, 2nd Battalion, 1961 Bandsman, 3rd Battalion, 1961 Askari, 1st Battalion, 1963