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Uniforms of the British West Indies, 1864 to 1964

This CD contains 103 illustrations of uniforms, complemented with descriptive text, worn by various military and police units formed in the British West Indies. Included are a selection of unit badges and brief unit histories. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Corporal, Caribbean Regiment, 1945

After service in Italy the Regiment moved to Egypt where it undertook mine clearance duties around the Canal.  In 1946 it returned to the West Indies and was disbanded.

This junior NCO is illustrated just before demobilisation.  He wears a khaki serge General Service cap, shaped like a beret but made from the same material as the battledress.  It was universally disliked, but cheap to make.  The unit badge is worn on the left front of the crown.

His battledress is standard pattern, but worn with the collar open.  This exposes a light khaki shirt and necktie.  This was a late and post war unauthorised affectation used by lower ranks.

The trousers are worn loose over ankle boots.

Below is a parade uniform worn by the Regiment in Egypt.  The GS cap is worn with drill bush shirt and trousers.  White tape chevrons replace the khaki versions on the jacket.

Over the jacket is worn a whitened set of 1937 webbing equipment.  The trousers are worn with short serge puttees.

He is armed with a 0.303in No.4 Enfield rifle and spike bayonet.


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CD number & plate title

Officer, Barbados Yeomanry Cavalry, 1862    Bandsman, 1st West India Regiment, 1863    Private 4th West India Regiment, 1866     Officer, Jamaica Light Horse, 1866    Bandsman, 3rd West India Regiment, 1867    Corporal, Bahamas Police, 1872    Private West India Regiment, Sierra Leone, 1873    Private West India Regiment, Ashanti, 1874    Private West India Regiment, 1878    Constable, Jamaica Constabulary, 1879    Officer, Jamaica Light Horse, 1882    Bugler, West India Regiment, 1884    Private, Jamaica Militia Infantry, 1885    Captain, 2nd West India Regiment, 1887    Officer, West India Regiment, 1888    Lance Corporal, 1st West India Regiment, 1889    Constable, Bahamas Constabulary, 1891    Sergeant, West India Regiment, 1892    Captain, Kingston Light Infantry, 1893    Inspector, Trinidad Police Force, 1894    Officer, West India Regiment, Sierra Leone, 1894     Private, Jamaica Militia Infantry, 1895    Private, St Kitts Mounted Infantry, 1896    Gunner, St Lucia Artillery, 1896    Private, West India Regiment, 1897    Gunner, Trinidad Field Artillery, 1897    Corporal, Trinidad Light Infantry, 1897    Constable, Trinidad Police, 1897    Corporal, West India Royal Engineers, 1898    Gunner, Jamaica Militia Artillery, 1898    Private, West India Regiment, 1899    Lieutenant, St Christopher-Nevis Defence Force, 1900    Lieutenant, Jamaica Militia Infantry, 1901    Trooper, Trinidad Light Horse, 1901    Captain, 2nd West India Regiment, 1902    Captain, Barbados Volunteer Infantry, 1902    Lieutenant, Trinidad Light Infantry, 1903    Gunner, Jamaica Militia Artillery, 1903    Constable, Leeward Islands Police, 1903    Lance Corporal, West India Regiment, 1904    Private, St Lucia Volunteer Corps, 1904    Lieutenant, Trinidad Light Horse, 1905    Inspector, Leeward Islands Police Force, 1906    Lieutenant, 1st West India Regiment, 1906    Inspector, Grenada Police Force, 1908    Constable, Bahamas Constabulary, 1909    Gunner, Barbados Volunteer Artillery, 1909    Private, St Kitts-Nevis Defence Force, 1910    Private, West India Regiment, 1910    Mounted Constable, Leeward Islands Police Force, 1910    Lieutenant, St Kitts-Nevis Defence Force, 1911    Private, Mounted Infantry, Barbados Volunteer Corps, 1911    Bandsman, Jamaica Constabulary, 1911    Private, Mounted Infantry, St Kitts-Nevis Defence Force, 1911    Mounted Constable, Trinidad Police Force, 1911    Private, West India Regiment, 1912    Lieutenant, West India Regiment, 1913    Private, Antigua Mounted Infantry, 1914    Constable, Antigua Police, 1915    Volunteer, Trinidad, 1915    Gunner, Trinidad Volunteer artillery, 1915    Private, British West India Regiment, 1916    Private, British West India Regiment, 1917    Sergeant, West India Regiment, 1922    Inspector, St Vincent Police Force, 1924    Inspector, Jamaica Constabulary, 1925    Constable (Cyclist), Trinidad & Tobago Police Force, 1926    Inspector, Windward Islands Police, 1927    Inspector, Bahamas Police Force, 1929    Constable, Barbados Harbour Police, 1931    Constable, Barbados Police, 1932    Sergeant, Mounted Section, Trinidad Police Force, 1937    Inspector, Jamaica Constabulary, 1934    Lance Bombardier, Jamaica Volunteer Artillery, 1935    Sergeant, Trinidad Police, 1936    Corporal, Leeward Islands Police, 1937    Mounted Constable, Windward Islands Police, 1938    Constable, Trinidad Police Force, 1938    Trooper, Trinidad Light Horse, 1938    Constable, Trinidad Police Force, 1939    Private, Antigua Defence Force, 1939    Rating, Trinidad Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, 1940        Lieutenant, Bahamas Defence Corps, 1942     Corporal, Royal Air Force, 1943     Private, Caribbean Regiment, 1943    Corporal, Caribbean Regiment, 1945    Bandsman, St Kitts Defence Force, 1946    Bandsman, Jamaica Police Force, 1953    Sergeant, Windward Islands Police, 1954    Constable, Bahamas Police Force, 1955    Bandsman, Barbados Police Force, 1955    Officer, Trinidad & Tobago Police Force, 1956    Sergeant, Barbados Regiment, 1956    Corporal, Jamaica Regiment, 1957    Captain, Trinidad Volunteers, 1958     Lance Corporal, Montserrat Defence Force, 1959    Corporal, West India Regiment, 1959    Mounted Constable, Jamaica Police Force, 1960    Private, West India Regiment, 1960    Bandsman, Bahamas Police Force, 1961    Policewoman, Dominica Police, 1962    Constable, St Christopher, Nevis & Anguilla Police Force, 1962     Constable, Trinidad & Tobago Police Force, 1962