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Uniforms of Colonial Australia, Volume 1     The Colony of Victoria, 1855 to 1902

This CD contains 100 illustrations of uniforms worn by the Volunteer, Military, Maritime and Police forces, and cadets of the Colony of Victoria. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below, with detailed descriptions. A history of the forces is provided with illustrations of their badges and other items of clothing.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Corporal, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1895

This junior NCO wears the felt hat with plaited puggaree.

The jacket is a new pattern introduced in 1893.  In essence the internal chest pockets without flaps have been replaced by the normal Victorian pattern.  On the plain pointed shoulder straps are the Company letter and unit title in brass.

The 1882 ammunition bandolier has flaps to prevent loss of ammunition whilst riding.  The waist belt supports the sword bayonet for his later pattern Martini Henry rifle.

His plain breeches are tucked into high brown leather leggings.

If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (12) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Officer, Melbourne Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1855   Private, Victorian Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1856   Gunner, Royal Victorian Volunteer Artillery, 1858   Lieutenant, West Melbourne Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1959   Private, Warrnambool Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1860   Gunner, Richmond Battery, Royal Victorian Volunteer Artillery Regiment, 1861   Officer, Castlemaine Dragoons, 1861   Private, Geelong Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1861   Officer, Victorian Volunteer Dragoons, 1861   Trooper, Bacchus Marsh Mounted Volunteers, 1861   Private, St Kilda Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1862   Trooper, Victorian Native Mounted Police, 1862   Gunner, Melbourne Artillery, 1863   Rating, Volunteer Naval Reserve, 1863   Bugler, Pentridge Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1864   Senior Constable, Victorian Foot Police, 1864    Private, Creswick Detachment, 2nd Ballarat Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1864    Sergeant, Victorian Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1864   Corporal, Prince of Wales Victorian Volunteer Light Horse, 1864   Lieutenant, Williamstown Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1865    Bugler, Castlemaine Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1865    Corporal, North Melbourne Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1866    Private, Victorian Volunteer Engineers, 1868    Gunner, Victorian Volunteer Artillery, 1869    Officer, Ballarat Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1869   Corporal, Prince of Wales Victorian Volunteer Light Horse, 1870   Corporal, 2nd Castlemaine Corps, Victorian Rifles, 1874   Officer, Victorian Engineers, 1876   Officer, Victorian Torpedo Corps, 1876   Sergeant, 1st Ballarat Rifle Volunteers, 1877   Sergeant, Northern Corps, Victorian Rifles, 1877    Staff Officer, Victorian Military Forces, 1878    Band Sergeant, 1st Castlemaine Corps, Victorian Rifles, 1879    Officer, Medical Staff Corps, 1879   Lieutenant Colonel, Permanent Staff, Victorian Military Forces, 1880   Officer, 1st Ballarat Corps, Victorian Rifles, 1880   Bombardier, Victorian Artillery, 1881   Trooper, Prince of Wales Victorian Volunteer Light Horse, 1881 Officer, Victorian Artillery, 1882   Corporal, 2nd (East Melbourne) Battalion of Victorian Rifles, 1883   Officer, Victorian Engineers, 1883   Rating, Victorian Naval Brigade, 1884   Sapper, Victorian Engineers, 1884   Cadet, Melbourne Grammar School, 1885   Bandsman, 4th (Mt Alexander) Battalion of Victorian Rifles, 1886   Military Clerk, Victorian Military Forces, 1886   Member, Rifle Club, 1887   Commissioner, Victorian Police Force, 1887   Lieutenant, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1888   Private, Victorian Rifles, 1888   Major, Rifle Volunteers, 1888   Lance Corporal, Victorian Cavalry, 1888   Private, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1889   Gunner, Victorian Nordenfeldt Battery, 1889   Corporal, Victorian Cavalry, 1890   Captain, 3rd (Ballarat) Battalion of Rifles, 1891   Gunner, Victorian Permanent Artillery, 1891  Private, Volunteer Ambulance Corps, 1891   Bombardier, Victorian Horse Artillery, 1892   Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1893   Officer, Staff, Victorian Volunteer Cadet Corps, 1894   Officer, Victorian Rangers, 1894   Constable, Victorian Police Force, 1894   Private, 2nd Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1895   Sergeant Major, Victorian Engineers, 1895   Sergeant, Commissariat & Transport Corps, 1895   Captain, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1895   Corporal, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1895   Armourer’s Assistant, Victorian Permanent Artillery, 1895   Captain, 3rd Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1895   Chaplain, Victorian Military Forces, 1896   Officer, Victorian Engineers, 1896   Private, 1st Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1896   Sergeant, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1897   Captain, 2nd Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1897   Constable, Victorian Police Force, 1897   Sergeant, Submarine Mining Company, Victorian Engineers, 1897   Sergeant, 3rd Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1898   Drum Major, Band of the Victorian Garrison Artillery, 1898   Major, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1898   Bandsman, 1st Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1898   Private, Ambulance Corps, 1899   Captain, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1899   Drum Major, Band of the Victorian Permanent Artillery, 1899   Member, Rifle Club, 1899   Staff Sergeant Instructor, Permanent Staff, Victorian Military Forces, 1899   Trooper, 3rd Bushman’s Contingent, South Africa, 1900   Private, Victorian Mounted Rifles, 1900   Sub-Lieutenant, Victorian Naval Brigade, China, 1900   Staff Officer, Victorian Military Forces, 1900   Corporal, 5th Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1901   Private, Army Service Corps, 1901   Corporal, Melbourne Cavalry, 1901   Lance Corporal, Victorian Railways Volunteer Rifles, 1901   Lieutenant, Melbourne Cavalry, 1901   Staff Colonel, Victorian Military Forces, 1901   Private, University Corps of Officers, 1902   Lieutenant, Victorian Rangers, 1902   Private, Victorian Scottish Regiment, 1902   Lance Corporal, 1st Battalion, Victorian Rifles, 1902