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Uniforms of Colonial Australia, Volume 3     The Colony of South Australia, 1844 to 1902

This CD contains 100 illustrations of uniforms worn by the Volunteer, Military, Maritime and Police forces, and cadets of the Colony of South Australia. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below, with detailed descriptions. A history of the forces is provided with illustrations of their badges and other items of clothing.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Bugler, 1st Battalion, Adelaide Rifles, 1893

This uniform was worn from 1891 to 1895.

The hat appears to have a single colour puggaree.  this may have been in facing colour and not the dark khaki shown.

The buglers standard jacket has been embellished with wings and chest braid in facing colour. It is therefore more likely that he is a musician as opposed to a bugler, who would not have worn the wings.

The trousers are tucked into brown leather gaiters.

Based on a contemporary photograph.

If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (16) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Private, South Australian Militia, 1844   Gunner, South Australian Artillery, 1855   Officer, South Australian Infantry, 1856   Officer, Head Quarter’s Staff, 1857   Bugler, Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1859   Private, Eastern Suburbs Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1860   Private, Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1860   Private, Milang Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1860   Lance Corporal, Reedbeds Cavalry, 1861   Lieutenant, Adelaide Rifles, 1861   Sergeant, Adelaide Rifles, 1861   Corporal, South Australian Free Rifle Corps, 1861   Private, Adelaide Rifles, 1863   Lieutenant, Adelaide Mounted Rifles, 1863   Second Lieutenant, Goolwa Mounted Rifles, 1864   Trumpeter, Adelaide Mounted Rifles, 1864   Private, Adelaide Rifles, 1865   Trooper, Goolwa Mounted Rifles, 1865   Captain, No.4 (South Adelaide) Company, Adelaide Regiment of Volunteer Rifles, 1866   Lieutenant, No.1 (Adelaide) Company, Artillery, 1867   Bandsman, No.7 (Sea Coast) Company, Adelaide Regiment of Volunteer Rifles, 1868   Lance Corporal, No.2 (Port Adelaide) Battery, South Australian Regiment of Volunteer Artillery, 1870   Sergeant Major, South Australian Police Force, 1873   Lance Corporal, Port Adelaide Artillery, 1879   Officer, Adelaide Artillery, 1880   Lieutenant, South Australian National Rifle Association, 1881   Corporal, Adelaide Rifles, 1882   Constable, South Australian Police Force, 1883   Private, South Australian National Rifle Association, 1882   Gunner, South Australian Artillery, 1884   Private, Adelaide Rifles, 1884   Sergeant, South Australian Police Force, 1885   Second Lieutenant, Adelaide Rifles, 1885   Officer, Adelaide Mounted Rifles, 1885   Sergeant, Rifle, Volunteer Force, 1885   Officer, Rifle Volunteer Force, 1885   Captain, Adelaide Rifles, 1886   Lance Corporal, 3rd Battalion, Volunteer Infantry, 1886   Bugler, Rifle Volunteer Force, 1886   Constable, Mounted Branch, South Australian Police Force, 1886   Trooper, Adelaide Mounted Rifles, 1886   Lieutenant, ‘A’ Battery, Field Artillery, 1887   Officer, 3rd (Central) Battalion, Adelaide Volunteers, 1887   Lieutenant, Adelaide Rifles, 1887   Sergeant Major, ‘B Battery, Garrison Artillery, 1887   Private, Ambulance Corps, 1887   Private, No.1 (Port Augusta) Company, No.4 (Northern) Battalion, Adelaide Volunteers, 1887   Sergeant, 1st Battalion, Adelaide Rifles, 1888   Band Sergeant, 1st Battalion, Adelaide Rifles, 1889   Bugler, 2nd Battalion, Volunteer Infantry, 1889   Captain, 1st Battalion, Adelaide Rifles, 1889   Private, 4th (Northern) Battalion, Volunteer Infantry, 1889   Trooper, Volunteer Mounted Rifles, 1889   Gunner, South Australian Permanent Artillery, 1890   Senior Constable, Foot Branch, South Australian Police Force, 1890   Private, 1st Battalion, Adelaide Rifles, 1891   Captain, 2nd Battalion, Volunteer Infantry, 1891   Farrier Staff Sergeant, Volunteer Mounted Rifles, 1892   Bugler, 1st Battalion, Adelaide Rifles, 1893   Gunner, 2nd Battery Garrison Artillery, 1893   Second Lieutenant, Volunteer Mounted Rifles, 1893   Corporal, Adelaide Lancers, 1894   Seaman, HMCS Protector, South Australian Naval Force, 1894   Bandsman, South Australian Military Band, 1895   Sergeant Armourer, South Australian Permanent Artillery, 1895   Private, Adelaide Rifles, 1895   Lieutenant, South Australian Naval Force, 1895   Cadet, 1895   Sergeant, South Australian Medical Corps, 1896   Lance Corporal, South Australian Machine Gun Corps, 1896   Trooper, South Australian Mounted Rifles, 1896   Gunner, 3rd Battery, South Australian Field Artillery, 1897   Constable, Foot Branch, South Australian Police Force, 1897   Major, Head Quarter’s Staff, 1897   Lieutenant, South Australian Mounted Rifles, 1897   Sergeant, South Australian Permanent Artillery, 1897   Lieutenant, Adelaide Rifles, 1897   Trooper, Adelaide Lancers, 1897   Captain, South Australian Veterinary Department, 1898   Senior Constable, Mounted Branch, South Australian Police Force, 1898   Private, South Australian Signals Corps, 1898   Lieutenant, South Australian Mounted Rifles, 1898   Officer, South Australian Police Force, 1898   Sergeant Major, South Australian Medical Corps, 1899   Captain, Adelaide Rifles, 1899   Captain, Head Quarter’s Staff, 1899   Private, ‘G’ (South Australian Scottish) Company, Adelaide Rifles, 1899   Lieutenant Commander, South Australian Naval Force, 1900   Captain, South Australian Mounted Rifles, 1900   Captain, South Australian Artillery, 1900   Bugler, ‘E’ (Australian National Association) Company, Adelaide Rifles, 1900   Trooper, South Australian Lancers, 1900   Private, ‘H’ (Mt Gambier Scottish) Company, Adelaide Rifles, 1900   Private, Adelaide Rifles, 1900   Sergeant Major, Head Quarter’s Staff, 1901   Trooper, South Australian Bushmen Contingent, 1901   Member, Defence Rifle Club, 1901   Lieutenant, South Australian Scottish, 1902   Lieutenant, South Australian Cadets, 1902   Private, Adelaide Rifles, 1902