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Dress No.s 1 & 3     British Military Ceremonial Uniforms of the 1960s

This CD contains 116 illustrations of the temperate & tropical ceremonial uniforms worn by the British military forces in the 1960s. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Piper, 931st (Ulster) Company R.A.S.C. (General Transport) T.A., 1963

R.A.S.C. garters are worn under the stocking turnovers.  These are blue and white in colour.

If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (20) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Piper, Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1956   Lance Corporal, Royal Ulster Rifles, Cyprus, 1959   Piper, 445th (Cameronians) Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery, R.A.(T.A.), 1958   Officer, the Bermuda Rifles, 1958   Piper, 146th (Antrim) Corps Engineer Regiment, R.E.(T.A.), 1959   Piper, Gurkha Engineers, 1959   Piper, St Andrew's University Contingent, Officer Training Corps, 1959   Bandsmen, 12th General Stores Company, R.A.O.C.(T.A.), 1959   Private, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 1959   Bandsman, 1959  50th Division Column, R.A.S.C. (T.A.) & 53rd (Welsh) Div/Dist Transport Column, R.A.S.C. (T.A.)   Corporal, Sarawak Rangers, 1960   Piper, 279th (Lowland)(Self-Propelled) Field Regiment, R.A.(T.A.), 1960   Lance Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 153rd Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C.(T.A.), 1960   Piper, 540th Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment R.A.(Lovat Scouts)(T.A.), 1960   Lance Corporal, 7th Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Gurkha Rifles, 1960   Corporal, Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, 1961  Corporal, Sarawak Rangers, 1960   Piper, 279th (Lowland)(Self-Propelled) Field Regiment, R.A.(T.A.), 1960   Piper, 540th Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment R.A.(Lovat Scouts)(T.A.), 1960   Corporal, Women's Royal Army Corps, 1961   Bandsman, Royal Artillery, 1961   Bugler, London Irish Rifles, 1961   Piper, 6th Queen Elizabeth’s Own Gurkha Rifles, 1961   Lance Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division Column, R.A.S.C.(T.A.), 1962   Piper, 61st (City of Edinburgh) Signals Regiment (T.A.), 1961   Piper, 102nd Corps Engineer Regiment, R.E.(T.A.), 1963   Bandsmen, 280th (City of Glasgow & Ayrshire Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1962   Bandsmen, 432nd Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1962   Piper, 931st (Ulster) Company, R.A.S.C. (General Transport) T.A., 1962   Bandsman, North Staffordshire Regiment, 1962   Private, Royal Tank Regiment, 1962   Colonel, 1962   Sergeant, Queen’s Own Yorkshire Yeomanry, 1963   Bandsman, Northumberland Fusiliers, 1963   Piper, No.2 (Scottish) General Hospital, R.A.M.C.(T.A.), 1963   Corporal, various Yeomanry units, RA.(T.A.) 1960s   Piper, Band, Headquarters RAOC, 51st (Highland) Infantry Division, 1963   Piper, 276th Field Regiment, R.A.(T.A.), 1963   Corporal, Army Air Corps, 1963   Corporal, Inns of Court & City Yeomanry, R.A.C.(T.A.), 1963   Warrant Officer Class 2, Royal Armoured Corps, 1963   Trooper, 1st Royal Dragoons, 1964   Sergeant, Royal Tank Regiment, 1964   Staff Sergeant, Women's Royal Army Corps, Singapore, 1964   Piper, 15th (Scottish) Battalion, the Parachute Regiment, 1964   Corporal, 47th Signals Regiment (Middlesex Yeomanry)(T.A.), 1964   Officer, Scots Guards, 1964   Staff Sergeant, Devonshire & Dorset Regiment, 1964   Bandsmen, Pipes & Drums, Apprentice Schools, 1964   Corporal, Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, 1964   Bandsmen, Pipes & Drums, Queen's (Belfast) University Contingent O.T.C., Belfast, 1964   Officer, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1964   Corporal, Queen's Own Warwickshire & Worcestershire Yeomanry, 1964   Corporal, 1st East Anglian Regiment, 1964   Lance Corporal, 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards, 1964   Bombardier, 307th (R.H.A.)(South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry) Field Regiment, R.A.(T.A.), 1964   Captain, Army Legal Service, 1964   Corporal, Honourable Artillery Company, 1964   Officer & Corporal, Kent & County of London Yeomanry, 1964   Corporal, Queen's Own Hussars, 1964   Rifleman, Queen's Royal Rifles, 1964   Officer Cadet, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, 1964   Corporal, 250th (Queen's Own Dorset & West Somerset Yeomanry) Regiment, R.A.(T.A.), 1964   Lance Bombardier, Band, 263rd (Surrey Yeomanry, Queen Mary's Own) Regiment, R.A.(T.A.), 1964   Corporal, 350th (Robin Hood Foresters) Field Squadron, R.E.(T.A.), 1964   Sergeant, King’s Regiment (Liverpool & Manchester), 1964   Lieutenant, Royal Tank Regiment, 1964   Sergeant, the Queen's Own Highlanders, 1964   Private, Royal Highland Fusiliers, 1964   Bandsman, Royal Tank Regiment, 1964   Warrant Officer Class 2, Small Arms School Corps, 1964   Private, South Wales Borderers, 1964   Piper, 50th Casualty Clearing Station, R.A.M.C.(T.A.), 1964   Corporal, 1st Queen's Dragon Guards, 1964   Piper, 117th Corps Field Engineer Regiment, R.E.(T.A.), 1964   Bombardier, 304th (R.H.A.)(Essex Yeomanry) Medium Regiment, R.A.(T.A.), 1965   Corporal, 9th/12th Lancers, 1965   Corporal, Fife & Forfar Yeomanry/Scottish Horse, 1965   Corporal, the Leicestershire & Derbyshire (Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry, 1965   Corporal, the Lancashire Regiment, 1965   Piper, Queen's Own Lowland Yeomanry, 1965   Corporal, 23rd Special Air Service Regiment (T.A.), 1965   Bandsman, 49th Signals Regiment (T.A.), 1965   Corporal, 250th Independent Field Squadron (Northamptonshire Yeomanry), R.E.(T.A.), 1965   Corporal, Berkshire & Westminster Dragoons, 1965   Sergeant, the Bermuda Regiment, 1966   Bugler, 4th/5th Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers, 1966   Corporal, Cambridge University Contingent, O.T.C., 1966   Piper, Liverpool Scottish, 1966   Corporal, Queen's Own Lowland Yeomanry, 1966   Corporal, Duke of York's Royal Military School, 1966   Corporal, Army Physical Training Corps, 1966   Corporal, Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry, 1967   Private, Locally Employed Personnel, 61st Squadron R.C.T., Singapore, 1967   Private, Nottingham University Contingent, O.T.C., 1967   Bandswoman, Women's Royal Army Corps, 1967   Corporal, 41st (Princess Louise's Kensington) Signals Regiment (T.A.), 1967   Bandsman, Military Band, 8th/9th Battalion, Royal Scots, 1968   Corporal, Prince of Wales' Own Yorkshire Regiment, 1968   Gunner, King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, 1968   Bandsman, Royal Irish Rangers, 1969   Private, King's Own Malta Regiment, 1969   Corporal of Horse, Blues & Royals, 1969   Lieutenant, Royal Marines, 1963   Major, Royal Marines, 1967   Marine, Royal Marines, 1965   Bandsman, Royal Marines, 1968   Corporal, Royal Marines, 1968   Piper, Pipes & Drums, RAF Kinloss, 1959   Piper, RAF Seletar, Singapore, 1960   Bandsman, Royal Air Force, 1962   Sergeant, Royal Air Force, 1963   Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, 1966   Flying Officer, Women's Royal Air Force, 1967   Bandsman, Royal Air Force Apprentices School, 1969   Rating, Royal Navy, 1963   Rating, Women's Royal Naval Service, 1965   Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy, 1966   Lieutenant, Royal Navy, 1968