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Band Uniforms of the World, Volume 1, Pipers I

This CD contains 104 illustrations of the uniforms worn by pipers from military, police, cadet and other civil bands from around the World. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Piper, Kaffrarian Rifles, Cape Colony, 1906

Mackenzie tartan

If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (24) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Staff Sergeant, Pipes & Drums, Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corps, Colony of Queensland, 1887     Piper, 4th Gurkha Rifles, British India, 1894     Piper, Govan Burgh Police Force, UK, 1894     Piper, 38th Dogra Regiment, British India, 1895     Piper, Scottish Company, Kimberley Rifles, Cape Colony, 1896     Piper, Kimberley Scottish, Cape Colony, 1897     Piper, 30th Bombay Infantry Regiment, British India, 1898     Piper, Scots College, Sydney, Colony of New South Wales, 1900     Piper, Edinburgh City Police Force, UK, 1900     Piper,  5th Regiment (Scottish Rifles), Colony of New South Wales, 1900     Piper, Trinity College Cadet Corps, Glenalmond, UK, 1901     Piper, Dunedin Highlanders, New Zealand, 1901     Piper, Wellington Highlanders, New Zealand, 1903     Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 1st Battalion, New South Wales Scottish Regiment, Australia, 1903     Piper, ‘G’ Company (Scottish), South Australian Infantry Regiment, Australia, 1904     Piper, 1st Banff Royal Garrison Artillery (Volunteers), UK, 1905     Corporal, Pipes & Drums, Kafrarian Rifles, Cape Colony, 1906     Piper, 42nd Deoli Regiment, British India, 1909     Piper, 5th Regiment, Royal Highlanders of Canada, 1910     Piper, 6th Gurkha Rifles, British India, 1912     Piper, Scottish Horse, UK, 1914     Piper, 2nd Battalion, 10th Gurkha Rifles, British India, 1914     Piper,  52nd (Hobson's Bay) Infantry Battalion, Australia, 1914     Piper, 2nd Battalion, 8th Gurkha Rifles, British India, 1914     Piper, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, 1915     Piper, Scottish Company, Bombay  Volunteer Rifles, British India, 1916     Piper, 39th Royal Garwahl Rifles, British India, 1919     Piper, 44th Calcutta Scottish, British India, 1919     Lance Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 10th Gurkha Rifles, British India, 1920     Piper, Winnipeg Police Force, Canada, 1922      Piper, Kordofan District  Police, the Sudan, 1927     Piper, 6th Battalion, 6th Rajputana Regiment, British India, 1927     Piper, Transvaal Scottish, South Africa, 1929     Piper, 3rd Battalion, 20th Burma Rifles, British India, 1929     Piper, Kimberley Regiment, South Africa, 1930     Piper, Scottish Company, Shanghai Volunteer Corps, China, 1934     Sergeant, Pipes & Drums,  Lorne Rifles (Scottish), Canada, 1934     Piper, District Police Band, Bengal, British India, 1935     Piper, 5th Battalion (Victorian Scottish), Australia, 1935     Piper, 603rd (City of Edinburgh) Bomber Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force, UK, 1936     Lance Corporal, Scots Guards, UK, 1936    Piper, Calcutta Scottish, Auxiliary Force (India), British India, 1936     Piper, Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment, Canada, 1936     Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 3rd Battalion, 6th Rajputana Regiment, British India, 1936     Sergeant, Pipes & Drums, Lovat's Scout, UK, 1935     Piper, 1st Battalion, Canadian Scottish Regiment, 1937     Piper, 51st Infantry Division, RASC, UK, 1937     Piper, 2nd Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment, 1937     Piper, Cape Town Highlanders, South Africa, 1937     Piper, Irish Army, 1937     Piper, 1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment (City of Wellington’s Own), New Zealand, 1938     Piper, Calcutta Police Band, British India, 1938     Piper,  Victorian Police Force, Australia, 1938     Piper, 2nd Battalion, 8th Gurkha Rifles, British India, 1938     Piper, Scottish Company, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps, 1938     Lance Corporal, Pipes & Drums, London Irish, Royal Ulster Rifles, UK, 1939     Piper, Bengal Armed Police Band, British India, 1941     Piper, Depot, 3rd Gurkha Rifles, 1942     Piper, 4th Battalion, 4th Grenadiers, British India, 1943     Piper, Darjeeling Police Force, British India, 1944     Piper, Auckland Police Pipe Band, New Zealand Police Force, 1949     Piper, 1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment (City of Wellington’s Own), New Zealand, 1952     Piper, Royal Scots Fusiliers, UK, 1956     Pipe Major, the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, 1957     Piper, 16th Transport Company, Royal Australian Army Service Corps, 1957     Piper, 445th (Cameronians) Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery, R.A.(T.A.), UK, 1958     Piper, Government Guards, Aden, 1958     Piper, 1 Fighter Wing, Royal Canadian Air Force, 1959     Piper, St Andrew's University Contingent, Officer Training Corps, UK, 1959     Piper, 12th General Stores Company, R.A.O.C.(T.A.), UK, 1959     Piper, RAF Kinloss, UK, 1959     Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 146 (Antrim Artillery) Field Engineer Regiment, RE(TA), UK, 1960     Piper, RAF Seletar, Singapore, 1960     Lance Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division Column, R.A.S.C.(T.A.), UK, 1962     Piper, 931st (Ulster) Company, R.A.S.C. (General Transport) T.A., UK, 1962     Piper, 1st Divisional Regiment (New Zealand Scottish), RNZAC, 1962     Corporal, Pipes & Drums, Gurkha Signals, UK, 1963     Piper, 1st Divisional Signal Regiment, New Zealand, 1963     Piper, Headquarters RAOC, 51st (Highland) Infantry Division, UK, 1963     Piper,  New South Wales Police Force, Australia, 1964     Piper, 15th (Scottish) Battalion, the Parachute Regiment, UK, 1964     Piper, Queen's (Belfast) University Contingent O.T.C., Belfast, UK, 1964     Lance Corporal, Pipes & Drums, Pacific Islands Regiment, Territory of Papua New Guinea, 1965     Piper, United States Air Force Reserve, 1966     Piper, Adelaide University Regiment, Australia, 1967     Piper, 400th Squadron, Air Reserve, RCAF, Canada, 1968     Piper, Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons), UK, 1970     Piper, Gurkha Contingent, Singapore Police Force, 1971     Piper, Edmonton Police Force, Canada, 1971     Piper, 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment, 1972     Piper, Pretoria Highlanders, Republic of South Africa, 1974     Corporal, Pipes & Drums, Sydney University Regiment, Australia, 1977     Piper,  6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1986     Piper, 2nd/4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1987     Piper, Royal Hong Kong Police, 1987     Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 5th/7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1988     Piper, Royal Australian Corps of Transport, 1989     Lance Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1992      Piper, 5th Battalion (Wellington West Coast & Taranaki), Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment, 1993     Piper, Pipes & Drums, Cadet Unit 2901, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, 1999     Piper, Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)(RCAC), 2000     Master Corporal, Pipes & Drums, 402nd City of Winnipeg Squadron, Canada, 2005     Ensign, Pipes & Drums, US Coast Guard, 2006     Piper, Gurkha Contingent, Singapore Police Force, 2007