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India on Parade     Ceremonial Uniforms of India, 2002 to 2009

This CD contains 104 illustrations of parade uniforms worn by the Indian military forces and civil agencies in the first decade of the 21st century. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown at right.

A complete list of illustrations is shown below.     Cost $24.00

Sepoy, Sikh Regiment, 2002     Constable, Assam Armed Police, 2002     Lance Daffadar, Presidential Bodyguard, 2002     Bandsman, Assam Police, 2002     Sepoy, 9th Gorkha Rifles, 2003     Sepoy, Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry, 2003     Petty Officer, Band of the Indian Navy, 2004     Sepoy, Assam Regiment, 2004     Bandsman, Mumbai Police, 2004     Sepoy, 5th Gorkha Rifles, 2004     Cadet Naik, Indian Military Academy, 2004     Piper, Sikkim Police, 2004     Sepoy, Sikh Light Infantry, 2004     Naik, Assam Rifles, 2004     Sepoy, Punjab Regiment, 2004     Piper, Mahar Regiment, 2005     Sepoy, Parachute Regiment, 2005     Bandsman, the Brigade of The Guards, 2005     Naik, Haryana Police, 2005     Sepoy, Rajput Regiment, 2005     Piper, Madras Regiment, 2005     Sepoy, 165th Battalion, Central Reserve Police Force, 2005     Havildar, 11th Gorkha Rifles, 2005     Naik, Pipes & Drums, 11th Gorkha Rifles, 2005     Member, Chennai Fire Brigade, 2005     Naik, Mahar Regiment, 2005     Private, Mechanised Infantry Regiment, 2005     Piper, 9th Gorkha Rifles, 2005     Private, 8th Gorkha Rifles, 2005     Bandsman, Sikh Light Infantry, 2005     Bandsman, Indo-Tibetan Frontier Police, 2005     Constable, Bangalore City Armed Police, 2005     Piper, Regiment of Artillery, 2005     Sepoy, Ladakh Scouts, 2006     Cadet, National Cadet Corps, 2006     Piper, Dogra Regiment, 2006     Naik, Jammu & Kashmir Rifles, 2006     Warder, Prison Service, 2006     Naik, 4th Gorkha Rifles, 2006     Piper, Bengal Engineer Group, 2006     Sapper, Madras Engineer Group, 2006     Havildar, Band, 11th Gorkha Rifles, 2006     Sepoy, Corps of Signals, 2006     Sepoy, Chennai Home Guard, 2006     Lance Naik, Maratha Light Infantry, 2006     Traffic Warden, Bangalore, 2006     Havildar, Garhwal Rifles, 2006     Piper, Rajput Regiment, 2006     Sepoy, Rajputana Rifles, 2006     Sepoy, Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, 2006     Piper, Darjeeling Police, 2006     Bandsman, Central Industrial Security Force, 2006     Sepoy, Jat Regiment, 2006     Bandsman, Parachute Regiment, 2006     Piper, Assam Rifles, 2006     Sepoy, Regiment of Artillery, 2006     Piper, Punjab Police, 2006     Bandsman, Tamil Nadu Police, 2006     Sepoy, the Grenadiers, 2006     Officer, Indian Police Service, 2006     Bandsman, Indian Air Force, 2007     Naik, Naga Regiment, 2007     Bandsman, Kolkata Police, 2007     Bandsman, Kumaon Regiment, 2007     Officer, National Security Guards, 2007     Naik, Corps of Military Police, 2007     Piper, 11th Gorkha Rifles, 2007     Lance Naik, Bengal Engineer Group, 2007     Piper, 5th Gorkha Rifles, 2007     Sepoy, Pioneer Corps, 2007     Bandsman, Army Medical Corps, 2007     Guardsman, Brigade of The Guards, 2007     Sepoy, Army Aviation Corps, 2007     Cadet, National Defence Academy, 2007      Havildar, Army Education Corps, 2007     Piper, the Grenadiers, 2007    Officer, Central Industrial Security Force, 2008          Sepoy, Kumaon Regiment, 2008     Sowar, 5th Armoured Regiment, 2008     Sepoy, Warangal Home Guard, 2008     Airman, Indian Air Force, 2008     Sepoy, Army Dental Corps, 2008     Piper, Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry, 2008     Sepoy, Army Postal Service, 2008     Bandsman, Rajasthan Police, 2008     Captain, Army Medical Corps, 2008     Piper, Punjab Regiment, 2008     Sepoy, Maratha Light Infantry, 2008     Piper, Jharkhan Police, 2008     Constable, Jammu & Kashmir Police, 2008     Rating, Indian Navy, 2008     Constable, Kolkata Armed Police, 2008     Cadet, Indian Military Academy, 2008     Constable, Uttarakhand Police, 2008     Bandsman, 9th Gorkha Rifles, 2008     Sepoy, Bihar Regiment, 2008     Head Constable, Indore Police, 2008     Bandsman, Armoured School & Centre, 2009     Daffadar, Remount & Veterinary Corps, 2009     Airman, Indian Air Force, 2009     Recruit, Mumbai Police, 2009     Bandsman, Central Railway Protection Force, 2009     Sepoy, Madras Regiment, 2009     Constable, Punjab Police, 2009

Example Page

Piper, Rajput Regiment, 2006

The tartan worn is a version of the Urquhart worn by the predecessors of the regiment since the 1930s.


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