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Uniforms of Federal Australia, 1931 to 1940

This CD contains 104 illustrations of uniforms worn by military, maritime and civil organisations in Australia during the pre-war period. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below, with detailed descriptions. A history of the forces is provided with illustrations of their badges and other items of clothing.  Included are the Militia Dress Regulations of 1931 & 1935, with known amendments, Permanent Forces Dress Regulations of 1935, selections from other General Orders pertaining to Uniforms, and the directive on the 1938 uniform.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Bugler, 25th Infantry Battalion, 1936

Territorial title, the Darling Downs Regiment.  Part of the 7th Infantry Brigade, 1st Infantry Division.

This junior NCO wears walking out dress.  Junior ranks were not supplied with the dark blue uniform worn by Officers and senior NCOs.

He wears the blue cap with the green distinctions of his Military District.  The unit cap badge, shown below is attached to the front of the band.

His uniform is standard issue, with unit badges attached to the collar.  Two points to note, this man has previously served in the 1st Australian Imperial Force.  He wears a miniature of his past unit's colour patch, 4th Australian Divisional Artillery, above his current version.

Secondly, as a bugler he wears a brass bugle badge above his gilt lace rank chevron.

Below is shown the jacket of a member of the 36th Battalion.  The rank chevrons are problematic.  They are either the result of a promotion during the war, when lace chevrons were no longer available, or are a later addition to increase the value of the jacket.

Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial


Courtesy of the Victoria Barracks Museum, Sydney

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CD number & plate title

Troopers, 3rd & 15th Light Horse Regiments, 1931     Corporal, Royal Australian Air Force, 1931     Lieutenant, 17th/19th Light Horse Regiment, 1932     Captain, Australian Instructional Corps, 1932     Constable, South Australian Police Force, 1932     Private, 5th Infantry Battalion, 1933     Air Commodore, Royal Australian Air Force, 1933     Lieutenant, 24th Infantry Battalion, 1933     Trooper, 1st/21st Light Horse Regiment, 1933     Bandmaster, New South Wales Police Force, 1933     Major, Australian Instructional Corps, 1934     Warrant Officer, Royal Australian Air Force, 1934     Staff Cadet, Corps of Staff Cadets, Royal Military College, 1934     Constable, Western Australian Police Force, 1934    Rating, HMAS Sydney, Royal Australian Navy, 1934     Piper, 30th Infantry Battalion, 1935     Corporal, Australian Army Medical Corps (Permanent), 1935     General, Staff Corps, 1935     Private, 7th Infantry Battalion, 1935     Major, 2nd Light Horse Regiment, 1935     Private, Australian Army Medical Corps, 1935     Rating, HMAS Perth, Royal Australian Navy, 1935     Chaplain, Australian Military Forces, 1935     Native Constable, Queensland Police Force, 1935     University Regiments, 1935     Member, Voluntary Aid Detachment, 1935     Bandsman, HQ 4th Light Horse Brigade, 1936     Captain, 30th Infantry Battalion, 1936     Corporal, Band of the Royal Australian Air Force, 1936     Gunner, Royal Australian Artillery, 1936     Nurse, Australian Army Nursing Service, 1936     Gas Suit, 1930s     Sergeant Major, 33rd Infantry Battalion, 1936     Private, 10th Infantry Battalion, 1936     Gunner, Royal Australian Artillery, 1936     Petty Officer, Royal Australian Navy, 1936     Constable, Northern Territory Police Force, 1936     Bugler, 25th Infantry Battalion, 1936     Captain, Royal Australian Artillery, 1936     Sergeant Major, Australian Instructional Corps, 1936     Lieutenant, 16th Infantry Battalion, 1937     Lance Corporal, Australian Army Service Corps (Permanent), 1937     Private, 27th Infantry Battalion, 1937     Trooper, 1st Armoured Car Regiment, 1937     Leading Aircraftsman, Royal Australian Air Force, 1937     Gunner, Coronation Contingent, 1937     Bandsman, Australian Army Service Corps, 1937     Constable, Queensland Police Force, 1937     Second Lieutenant, 54th Infantry Battalion, 1937     Major, Army Legal Service, 1937     Sapper, Royal Australian Engineers (permanent), 1937     Gunner, Royal Australian Artillery, 1937     Officer, Australian Staff Corps, 1937     Member, St John Ambulance Association, 1937     Lieutenant, 51st Infantry Battalion, 1937     Private, Australian Army Veterinary Corps, 1937     Flight Lieutenant, Royal Australian Air Force, 1937     Gunner, Darwin Mobile Force, 1938     Private, Australian Army Medical Corps (Permanent), 1938     Sapper, Royal Australian Engineers, 1938     Sapper, Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1938     Lieutenant, Australian Corps of Signals, 1938     Corporal, 32nd Infantry Battalion, 1938     Constable, Mounted Branch, New South Wales Police Force, 1938     Trooper, 6th Light Horse Regiment, 1938     Bandsman, Royal Australian Artillery, 1938     Trooper, 11th Light Horse Regiment, 1938     Lieutenant Colonel, Engineer & Railways Staff Corps, 1938     Lance Corporal, Australian Corps of Signals, 1938     Bandsman, 6th Infantry Battalion, 1938     Constable, Shrine Guard, Victorian Police Force, 1938     Major, Staff Corps, 1938     Private, 16th Infantry Battalion, 1938     Peace Officer, Commonwealth of Australia, 1938     Bandsman, 37th Infantry Battalion, 1938     Member, Voluntary Aid Detachment, 1938     Constable, Tasmanian Police Force, 1938     Band Sergeant, 41st Infantry Battalion, 1938     Captain, 6th Infantry Battalion, 1937     Captain, Australian Tank Corps, 1938     Private, 61st Infantry Battalion, 1939     Sapper, Royal Australian Engineers, 1939     Aircraftsman, Royal Australian Air Force, 1939     Private, 39th Infantry Battalion, 1939     Bandsman, 47th Infantry Battalion, 1939     Officer, Northern Territory Police Force, 1939     Captain, 1st Infantry Battalion, 1939     Trooper, 1st Light Horse Regiment, 1939     Captain, Royal Australian Artillery, 1939     Postman, Postmaster General's Department, 1939     Private, Australian Army Ordnance Corps, 1939     Battalion Sergeant Major, Corps of Staff Cadets, 1939     Private, 2/10th Battalion, 2nd Australian Imperial Force, 1939     Lieutenant, 27th Infantry Battalion, 1939     Lance Corporal, Australian Corps of Signals, 1939     Corporal, 25th Light Horse (Machine Gun) Regiment, 1939     Member, Women's Air Training Corps, 1940     Private, 48th Infantry Battalion, 1940     Member, the Militors, 1940     Member, National Emergency Service, 1940     Captain, Australian Army Ordnance Corps, 1940     Corporal, Pipes & Drums, Sydney University Regiment, 1940     Sergeant, Queensland Police Force, 1940     Private, Australian Army Service Corps, 1940