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Uniforms of the Australian Engineers

This CD contains over 120 illustrations of uniforms worn by the various units that constitute the history of the Royal Australian Engineers. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Officer & Sapper, Australian Engineers, 1904

With the consolidation of the colonial forces into the federal Army, a single uniform pattern was introduced. The Corps distinctions on the felt hat were the pleat in the puggaree, and Corps badge attached to a red rosette on the turned up brim.

The jacket has a collar patch in Corps colours, with the AE badge fixed to it, and piping on the cuffs. For general wear a shoulder strap with coloured piping and internal loop was worn. For parades shoulder cords and, for the Engineers, breastlines were added. These were in Corps colours, with the officers having gilt cords flecked with red and blue.

Initially an embroidered unit title was stitched to the upper sleeves, examples are shown below. This was a shortlived practice with brass letters attached to the shoulder straps replacing it.

Apart from this khaki uniform, most units retained the coloured uniforms of earlier times as their ceremonial dress.

Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial


Courtesy of the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery

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CD number & plate title

Sergeant, Victorian Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1864      Corporal & Private, Victorian Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1868      Captain, Victorian Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1876      Lieutenant, Victorian Torpedo Corps, 1876      Officer, Undress & Mess kit, Victorian Torpedo Corps, 1870s      Sergeant, Victorian Torpedo Corps, 1878      Lieutenant, Victorian Engineers, 1883      Officer (1880) & Private (1883), Field Dress, Victorian Torpedo Corps      Sapper, Victorian Engineers, 1884      Officers, Parade Dress, Victorian Engineer Corps (1887) & Torpedo Corps (1885)      Officer, Undress & Mess Dress, Victorian Engineer Corps, 1890s      Corporal (1892) & Sergeant (1898), Submarine Mining Company, Victorian Engineer Corps      Sergeant Major, Victorian Engineers, 1895      Lance Corporal, Parade Dress, Victorian Engineers, 1901      Lance Corporal, Victorian Railways Volunteer Rifles, 1901      Second Lieutenant, NSW Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1876      Sapper, NSW Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1877      Officer, Undress, NSW Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1878      Officer, Field Order, Torpedo & Signalling Corps, 1879      Private, Torpedo & Signalling Corps, 1881      Officer, Undress, NSW Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1880      Officers, Mess Dress, Torpedo and Engineer Corps, 1880s      Sergeant, NSW Torpedo Corps, 1882      Second Corporal, NSW Engineer Corps, 1883      Staff Sergeant & Sapper, NSW Engineer Corps, 1891      Sappers, Training Dress, NSW Engineer Corps, 1890s      Officer & Sapper, No.3 Submarine Mining Company, NSW Engineer Corps, 1895      Captain, NSW Engineer Corps, 1895      Sergeant, Working Dress, NSW Engineer Corps, 1897      Staff Sergeant & Captain, NSW Engineer Corps, 1899      Lieutenant & Sapper, NSW Engineer Corps, 1898      Private, Tasmanian Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1884      Officer, Tasmanian Torpedo Corps, 1886      Sapper, Tasmanian Torpedo Corps, 1893      Sergeant, Tasmanian Engineers, 1897      Lieutenant, Tasmanian Engineers, 1900      Sappers, Brisbane Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1880      Officer, Mess & Undress Uniforms, Brisbane Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1880s      Mounted Officer, Field Dress, Brisbane Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1888      Lieutenant, Parade Uniform, Brisbane Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1880s      Corporal, Parade Uniform, Brisbane Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1890      Captain & Sergeant, Brisbane Engineer Corps, 1895      Corporal, Brisbane Engineer Corps, 1897      Sapper, Parade & Working Uniforms, Brisbane Engineer Corps, 1900      Officer & Sapper, Australian Engineers, 1904      Sapper, Working Dress, Australian Engineers, 1906      Sapper, Parade Dress, Royal Australian Engineers, 1907       Lieutenant & Sapper, Sub-Marine Mining Company, Australian Engineers, 1908      Lieutenant, Mess Dress, Australian Engineers, 1908      Staff Sergeant (1910) & Sapper (1911), Australian Engineers      Officers, Australian Engineers, 1912      Second Lieutenant, 6th Field Company, & Sergeant, 7th Field Company, Australian Engineers, 1913      Lieutenant Colonel, Engineer & Railway Staff Corps, 1913      Captain, 3rd Field Company, Australian Engineers, 1914      Sapper, 2nd Divisional Engineers, Australian Imperial Force, 1916      Sapper (1921) & Lance Corporal (1926), Australian Engineers      Captain, Undress Uniform, Australian Engineers, 1927      Corporal, Summer Uniform, Australian Engineers, 1928      Captain & Lance Corporal, Royal Australian Engineers, 1930      Sapper, 3rd Divisional Engineers, Australian Engineers, 1932      Staff Sergeant & Sapper, Submarine Mining Company, Royal Australian Engineers (Permanent), 1934      Sapper, 1st Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1935      Gas suit, 1930s      Lieutenant &      Sapper, Parade Uniform, Fortress Engineers, Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1936       Sapper & Staff Sergeant, Royal Australian Engineers, 1937      Sapper, Working Dress, Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1938      Sergeant, Undress Uniform, Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1937      Corporal, Anti-Aircraft Company, Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1938      Bandsman, Band of the Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1938      Major, Engineer & Railway Staff Corps, 1938      Captain, Mess Dress, Engineer & Railway Staff Corps and Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1938      Corporal, 4th Divisional Engineers, Royal Australian Engineers (Militia), 1939      Sergeant, 9th Divisional Engineers, 2nd Australian Imperial Force, 1940      Sapper, Middle East & North Africa, 1941 Sergeant, Pacific Theatre, 1944      Bandsman, Band of the Royal Australian Engineers, 1954      Sapper, General Duty, & Corporal, Field Order, 1956      Sapper (1957) & Major (1971) Royal Australian Engineers      Bandsman, Band of the Royal Australian Engineers, 1962      Sapper (Field Uniform, 1964) & Corporal (Tropical Dress, 1966) Royal Australian Engineers      Major, Mess Dress, Royal Australian Engineers, 1967      Sapper (1972) & Lieutenant (1987) General Duty Dress, Royal Australian Engineers      Sapper, Ceremonial Uniform,1980 Corporal, Service Dress, 1984      Sergeant, Royal Australian Engineers, 1988      Sappers, Royal Australian Engineers, 2000