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Uniforms of New Zealand, Volume 1, 1847 to 1894

This CD contains 104 illustrations of uniforms worn by military, maritime and civil organisations in New Zealand during the Victorian period. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below, with detailed descriptions. A brief history of the forces is provided with illustrations of their badges and other items of clothing.  Included are the Dress Regulations of 1865, 1870, 1882 & 1889.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Corporal & Officer, Cambridge Cavalry Volunteers, 1872

Like the Rifles, some cavalry units adopted grey uniforms to replace the earlier Garibaldi pattern. In this case this unit toom to grey on its recent formation. Note the cord riding breeches.

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CD number & plate title

Constable, Armed Constabulary, Auckland, 1847 Private, New Zealand Fencibles, 1849 Corporal, Militia unit, 1856 Officers, Militia unit, 1859 Privates, Militia unit, 1861 Private, Wellington Rifle Volunteers, 1862  Rating, Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1863 Trooper, Colonial Defence Force, 1863 Private, Unidentified Rifle Volunteer unit, 1863 Trooper, Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry, 1864 Lieutenants, Rifle Volunteers, 1864 Lieutenant & Private, 1st Waikato Regiment, 1864 Trooper & Lieutenant, Cavalry Volunteer unit, Auckland, 1865 Private, Wellington Veteran's Corps, 1866 Sergeant & Lieutenant, Volunteer Artillery, 1866 Ranger, Forest Rangers, 1866 Lieutenant & Corporal, Canterbury Engineer Volunteers, 1867 Trooper, Unidentified Cavalry Volunteer unit, 1866 Second Corporal & Sergeant, Unidentified companies of the Otago Rifle Volunteers, 1866 Trooper, Unidentified Cavalry Volunteer unit, 1867 Private Ross Volunteers, 1868 Corporal, Rifle Volunteers, Alexandra area, 1865 Private & Sergeant, Wanganui Rifle Volunteers, 1864 Private & Lieutenant, No6 Company, Christchurch City Guards, 1868 Private & Bandsman, Omaru Rifle Rangers, 1868 Cadet, Nelson High School, 1869 Member, Armed Constabulary, 1871 Gunner, 'N' Battery, New Zealand Artillery, 1871 Private & Bandsman, Wanganui Rifle Volunteers, 1872 Bandsman, Wellington Artillery Volunteers, 1872 Private, Peninsula Rifle Volunteers, 1872 Lieutenant, Temuka Rifle Volunteers, 1872 Corporal & Officer, Cambridge Cavalry Volunteers, 1872 Officer, Armed Constabulary, 1873 Private, No.2 Company, Christchurch Rifle Volunteers, 1872 Lieutenant, Taranaki Rifle Volunteers, 1873 Private & Captain, Hampden Rifle Volunteers, 1873 Bandsman & Corporal, Nelson Artillery Volunteers, 1876 Private, Wanganui Rifle Volunteers, 1876 Sergeant & Bandsman, Cromwell Rifle Volunteers, 1877 Trooper, Bay of Plenty Cavalry, 1877 Corporal, Canterbury Volunteer Cavalry , 1878 Private, Stokes Rifle Volunteers, 1880 Private, Queenstown Rifle Volunteers, 1880 Private, No.1 North Otago Company, Otago Rifle Volunteers, 1881 Constable, Armed Constabulary, 1881 Captain & Bombardier, New Zealand Artillery, 1881 Officers, Rifle Volunteers, 1880s Trooper, Otago Hussars, 1882 Trooper, Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 1882 Constable, Armed Constabulary, 1882 Corporal, Canterbury Engineer Volunteers, 1882 Lieutenant, Unidentified Rifle unit, West Coast, 1883 Captain, Waimera Rifle Volunteers, 1883 Corporal, Auckland Rifle Volunteers, 1883 Sergeant, Wellington Guards, 1883 Corporal & Officer, Te Awamutu Cavalry Volunteers, 1883 Lieutenant & Corporal, Bruce Rifle Volunteers, 1883 Lieutenant, Wellington Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1883 Sergeant, Wellington Guards, 1884 Bombardier, Band of the New Zealand Artillery, 1885 Ratings, Wellington Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1885 Private, Taranaki Rifle Volunteers, 1885 Constable & Senior Sergeant, Armed Constabulary, 1885 Trooper, Taranaki Mounted Rifles, 1886 Bandsman, Timaru Garrison Band, 1886 Lance Bombardier, No.12 Company, New Zealand Garrison Artillery, 1886 Corporal, Te Awamutu Cavalry Band, 1886 Private, Thames Scottish Rifle Volunteers, 1886 Constable, Armed Constabulary, 1886 Sergeant, Woolston Rifle Volunteers, 1886 Trooper, Southlands Hussars, 1886 Rating, Wellington Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1887 Sergeant, Unidentified Cavalry unit, 1887 Trooper, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 1887 Cadet, Christ's College, Christchurch, 1887 Trooper, East Coast Hussars, 1887 Cadet & Cadet Sergeant, Rifle Volunteer unit, 1888 Captain & Sergeant, Scottish Company, 1st Battalion, Canterbury Rifle Volunteers, 1888 Lieutenant, Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1888 Staff Sergeant, Canterbury Engineer Volunteers, 1888 Corporal, Napier Rifle Volunteers, 1889 Trooper, Wairoa Light Horse, 1890 Bandsman, New Plymouth Garrison Band, 1891 Officer, Rifle Volunteers, 1891 Lieutenant & Rating, Dunedin Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1891 Officer, Alexandra Cavalry, 1892 Officer, Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 1893 Lance Corporal, Otago Hussars, 1893 Petty Officer, Devonport Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1893 Officers, New Zealand Artillery, 1893 Private & Lieutenant, Dunedin City Guards, 1893 Trooper, East Coast Mounted Rifles, 1893 Gunner, 'D' Battery, New Zealand Artillery, 1893 Lieutenant, Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 1893 Sergeant, Otago Hussars, 1894 Captain, Temilka Rifle Volunteers, 1894 Senior NCO, Staff Instructor, 1894 Captain, Wellington Guards, 1894 Bugler, Christ's College Rifles, 1894 Trooper, Marlborough Mounted Rifles, 1894 Private, Wellington Submarine Mining Volunteers, 1894