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Uniforms of British North East Africa, 1899 to 1960

This CD contains over 150 illustrations of uniforms worn by units raised by the British in North East Africa from 1899 to 1960. This region includes the Sudan, British Somaliland,  Abyssinia in early WWII, and the British Military Administration in Eritrea and Italian Somaliland. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Private, Governor's Escort, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1932

The main difference between the Escort and other soldiers was the continued use of the blue jersey. All other clothing and equipment are standard issue. This fell out of use during the war, but was retained by the Police.

If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (41) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Wekil-Onbashi, 10th Sudanese Infantry Battalion, 1898 Major & Onbashi Brugi, 9th Sudanese Infantry, 1899 Nafar & Captain, Somali Levy, 1901 Onbashi, Somali Militia, 1902 Ombashi & Nafar, 12th Battalion & 10th Battalion, Sudanese Infantry, 1903 Nafar, Mounted Infantry, Somali Militia, 1903 Officer & Constable, Somali Coast Police, 1905 Askari, 6th Battalion, King's African Rifles, 1906 Nafar, Mounted Infantry, Somali Militia, 1907 Captain & Nafar, 10th Battalion, Sudanese Infantry, 1908 Nafar & Brugi, 13th & 15th Battalions, Sudanese Infantry, 1912 Nafar, Equatorial Battalion, 1912 Officer & Shawish, Sirdar's Escort, the Sudan, 1912 Major & Onbashi, 14th Battalion, Sudanese Infantry, 1914 Bandsman, Sudanese Infantry Band, 1914 Onbashi, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1915 Corporal, Sudan Police, Khartoum, 1916 Nafar, 11th Sudanese Infantry Battalion, 1917 Nafar, 9th Battalion, Sudanese Infantry, 1919 Nafar, Sudanese Camel Corps, 1921 Mulazim Awal & Shawashi, 12th & 13th Sudanese Infantry, 1922 Lieutenant Colonel, 10th Battalion, Sudanese Infantry, 1925 Shawish & Mulazim Tani, 14th & 9th Sudanese Infantry, 1926 Constable, Sudan Police, Kordofan Province, 1926 Shawish, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1927 Constable, Sudan Police, 1927 Piper, Sudan Police, Kordofan Province, 1927 Shawish, Sudan Police, 1927 Mounted & Foot NCOs, Sudan Police, Khartoum, 1928 Native & British Officers, Sudan Police, Khartoum, 1928 Anfar, Camel Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1928 Nafar, Equatorial Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1929 Inspector & Sub-Inspector, British Somaliland Police, 1929 Superintendent, Sudan Police, 1930 Captains, Sudan Defence Force, 1930 Staff, Sudan Railway, 1931 Captain, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1931 Captain, Sudan Defence Force, 1931 Nafar, Governor's Escort, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1932 Onbashi, Shendi Horse, Sudan Defence Force, 1932 Sub-Inspector & Lance Corporal, Somaliland Police, 1932 Askari,Yao Company, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1933 Constable & Inspector, Somaliland Police, 1933 Bashshawish, Camel Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1934 Constable & Inspector, Sudan Police, 1934 Marine Staff, Sudan Railways, 1934 Officials, British Somaliland Administration, 1934 Quartermaster, Sudan Police, 1935 Marine Staff, Sudan Railways, 1935 Shawish, Western Arab Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1935 Captain, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1935 Wekil-Onbashi & Askari, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1935 Nafar & Corps Sergeant Major, Eastern Arab Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1936 Company Sergeant Major & Private, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1936 Constable, Sudan Police, 1936 Sergeant, Somaliland Police, 1937 Onbashi, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1938 Nafar & Captain, Engineer Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1938 Anfar, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1938 Shawish, Governor's Escort, Sudan, 1939 Captain, Camel Transport Detachment, Sudan Defence Force, 1939 Nafar, Motor Machine Gun Company, Sudan Defence Force, 1939 Captain, Sudan Defence Force, 1939 Nafar, Equatorial Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1940 Recruit, Sudan Defence Force, 1940 Patriots, Ethiopian Irregular Companies, 1940 & 1941 Corporal, Sudan Police, 1941 Private, Sudan Auxiliary Defence Force, 1941 Gendarme, Somali Gendarmerie, British Military Administration, 1941 Constables, Eritrean Police, BMA, 1942 Corporal, Somali Gendarmerie, BMA, 1942 Nafar, Sudan Defence Force, 1943 Constable, Eritrean Police, BMA, 1943 Bandsman, Sudan Defence Force, 1943 Sergeant, Somali Gendarmerie, BMA, 1943 Captain, Eritrean Police, BMA,1943 Nafar, Sudan Defence Force, 1943 Nafar, Somaliland Camel Corps, 1943 Constable, Somaliland Police, 1943 Constables, Eritrean Police, BMA, 1943 Wekil-Onbashi & Company Sergeant Major, Signals Detachment, Sudane Defence Force, 1943 Mounted Constable, Eritrean Police, BMA, 1944 Lance Corporal, Somaliland Frontier Guards, 1944 Lieutenant, British Military Administration, 1944 Corporal & Askari, 71st & 72nd Battalions, King's African Rifles, 1944 Shawish, Governor's Escort, Sudan, 1944 Yuzbashi & Shawish, Sudan Defence Force, 1945 Constables, Eritrean Police, 1949 Nafar, Sudan Defence Force, 1950 Superintendent & Inspector, Eritrean Police, 1950 Captain, Sudan Defence Force, 1950 Mounted & Foot Constable, Eritrean Police, 1951 Corporal, Sudan Police, 1952 Constable & Lance Corporal, Sudan Police, 1952 Private, Somaliland Scouts, 1953 Provincial Administrator, Sudan, 1953 Tribal Police, British Somaliland, 1953 Constable, Sudan Police, Equatoria Province, 1953 Private, Somaliland Scouts, 1954 Constable, Somaliland Police, 1955 Nafar, Camel Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1955 Constable & Native Inspector, Sudan Police, 1955 Bandsman, Camel Corps, Sudan Defence Force, 1956 Major, Somaliland Scouts, 1956 Bandsman, Somaliland Police, 1957 Constable & Inspector, Somaliland Police, 1958 Corporal, Band of the Somaliland Scouts, 1958 Staff Sergeant, Somaliland Scouts, 1958 Corporal, Somaliland Police, 1959 Major Somaliland Scouts, 1959 Major, Somaliland Scouts, 1959 Company Sergeant Major & Private, Somaliland Scouts, 1960