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Uniforms of the Boer Republics, 1857 to 1901

This CD contains over 100 illustrations of uniforms worn by units raised in the Zuid-Afrikaanse Republik and Oranje Vrystaat from the first uniformed formation in 1857 to the virtual end of the Republics in 1901. This includes artillery units, the police and uniformed volunteer formations. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Bandsman, ZAR Staatsartillerie, 1898


The band wore the same uniform as gunners of the Corps with the following exceptions: the British style wings in blue with gilt lace, and the embroidered lyre on the left sleeve. Two things to note are the use of the earlier tunic with the new busby, and the musician's sword.

The Bandmaster wore an officer's jacket with a metal lyre on the collar behind a single rank star, and the band SNCO had fringed epaulettes on the shoulders, as shown below.

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CD number & plate title

Officer, OVS Artillerie, 1869 Korporaal, OVS Artillerie, 1868 Kanonnier, OVS Artillerie, 1870 Kanonnier, OVS Artillerie, 1881 Korporaal, OVS Artillerie, 1883 Officer, OVS Artillerie, 1884 Kanonnier, OVS Artillerie, 1886 Officer & Konstabel, Grenspolitie van Swaziland, 1887 Officer, President Brand Rifles, 1888 Vrijwilliger, President Brand Rifles, 1888 Officer, OVS Artillerie, 1889 Korporaal, President Brand Rifles, 1889 Sersant, President Brand Rifles, 1890 Kanonnier, OVS Artillerie, 1891 Officer, OVS Artillerie, 1893 NCO, Band of the OVS Artillerie, 1894 Konstabel, Oranje-Vrystaat Politie, 1896 Officer, Oranje-Vrystaat Politie, 1896 Non-Commissioned Officers, OVS Artillerie, 1897 Konstabel & Sergeant, Oranje-Vrystaat Politie, 1897 Konstabel, Oranje-Vrystaat Politie, 1898 Kanonnier, OVS Artillerie, 1900

Officer & Sersant, Dingaan Batterie, ZAR, 1877 Kanonnier, Dingaan Batterij, ZAR, 1868 Kanonnier, Dingaan Batterij, ZAR, 1879 Sersant & Kanonnier, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1884 Luitenant, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1885 Kanonnier, Staatsartillerie, ZAR,1889 Kanonnier, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1890 Onder Luitenant, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1892 Korporaal, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1893 Officer, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Infanterie, 1893 Korporaal, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Cavalerie Corps, 1894 Korporaal, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1894 Vrijwillige, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Infanterie, 1894 Onder Luitenant, Krugersdorp Vrijwilliger Cavalerie Corps, 1895 Onder Luitenant, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1895 Konstabels, ZAR Politie, 1895 Onder Luitenant, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Infanterie, 1895 Kaptein, Pretoria Vriwilliger Cavalerie Corps, 1895 Korporaal, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1895 Bandsman, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Infanterie, 1895 Officer, ZAR, 1895 Korporaal, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1985 Ruiter, Cavalerie, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1895 Ruiter, Pretoria Vriwilliger Cavalerie Corps, 1896 Sersant-Majoor, Krugersdorp Vrijwilliger Cavalerie Corps, 1896 Native Member, ZAR Polisie, 1896 Ruiter & Bandsman, Krugersdorp Vriwillige Cavalerie Corps, 1896 Korporaal & Ruiter, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Cavalerie Corps, 1896 Kaptein, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1896 Officer, Gevangenis Diens, ZAR, 1896 Sersant, Infanterie, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1896 Kanonnier, Mediese-Eenheid, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1896 Jackets of the Staatsartillerie van der ZAR, late 1890s Luitenant, Johannesburg Vrijwillige Corps (Infanterie), 1896 Luitenant, ZAR Politie, Pretoria, 1896 Luitenant & Ruiter, Ermelo Vrijwilliger Cavalerie Corps, 1987 Luitenants, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1897 Officer, Carolina Vrijwillige Cavalerie Corps, 1897 Commandant-Generaal, ZAR, 1897 Kaptein, Krugersdorp Vrijwillige Cavalerie Corps, 1897 Sersant, Mediese Eenheid, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1897 Vrijwillige, Infantry Element, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Korps, 1897 Officer & Vrijwillige, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1896 Konstabel, ZAR Politie, 1897 Ruiter, Middelburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1897 Onder Luitenant, Infantry Element, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Korps, 1897 Konstabel, ZAR Politie, 1897 Kaptein, Infantry Element, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Korps, 1897 Ruiter, Krugersdorp Vrijwilliger Cavalerie Corps, 1897 Bandsman, ZAR Politie, 1897 Officer and Ruiter, Carolina Vrijwillige Cavalerie Corps, 1897 Bandsman, Pretoria Vrijwilliger Korps, 1898 Officer, Johannesburg Vrijwilliger Corps, 1897 Konstabel, ZAR Politie, 1898 Officers, Corps Vesting Artillerie, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1898 Kaptein, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1898 Luitenant, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1899 Officer, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1897 Luitenant & Kanonnier, Corps Vesting Artillerie, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1898 Konstabel, ZAR Politie, 1899 Bandsman, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1898 Konstabel, ZAR Politie, 1899 Konstabel, ZAR Politie, Johannesburg, 1899 Sersant, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1899 Kanonnier, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1899 Officer, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1900 Sergeant, Special Mine Police, 1900 Sersant, Reserve, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1900 Korporaal,  Corps Vesting Artillerie, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1900 Kanonnier, Staatsartillerie, ZAR, 1900 Volunteer, Scandinavian Contingent, 1900 Kanonnier, Staatsartillerie, ZAR,1901