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Uniforms of Colonial Australia, Volume 5   The Colony of Queensland, 1861 to 1902

This CD contains 100 illustrations of uniforms worn by the Volunteer, Military, Maritime and Police forces, and cadets of the Colony of Queensland. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below, with detailed descriptions. A history of the forces is provided with illustrations of their badges and other items of clothing.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Cadet, Naval Volunteer Cadet Corps, Queensland Maritime Defence Force, 1900

Several naval cadet units were formed in the colony, probably allied to local Naval Brigades. They wore the same uniform as their older compatriots whish included the straw sennet hat shown, this had a black band on which was embroidered the words 'Naval Volunteer Cadet Corps' with gilt thread.

This rifleman is armed with a Martini Enfield carbine.

If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (45) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Captain, Brisbane Volunteer Mounted Rifle Corps, 1861     Private, No.1 Company, Brisbane Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1861     Rifleman, No.2 Company, Brisbane Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1861     Officer & Private, No.1 Company, Queensland Volunteer Rifles, 1862     Trooper, Ipswich Volunteer Cavalry Corps, 1862     Gunner, Queensland Volunteer Artillery Corps, 1863     Officer & Corporal, Queensland Native Police, 1863     Corporal, Queensland Volunteer Rifle Brigade, 1863     Private & Second Lieutenant, Spring Hill & Fortitude Valley Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1865     Lieutenant, Queensland Volunteer Rifle Brigade, 1870     Sergeant, Rockhampton Volunteer Rifle Corps (No.4 Company), 1870     Rifleman, Warwick Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1871     Corporal, Queensland Volunteer Artillery, 1872     Rifleman, Queensland Volunteer Rifle Brigade, 1874     Private, No.12 Company, Queensland Volunteer Rifle Brigade, 1877     Rifleman, Rockhampton Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1877     Rifleman, No.12 Company, Queensland Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1878     Sapper, Brisbane Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1879     Staff Sergeant, Queensland Infantry, 1879     Cadet, Brisbane Grammar School, 1881     Bandsman, Queensland Volunteer Artillery, 1882     Constable, Queensland Native Police, 1883     Privates, Queensland Infantry, 1883     Corporal, Brisbane Mounted Volunteer Rifle Brigade, 1884     Private, Queensland Infantry, 1884     Sapper, Queensland Volunteer Engineers, 1884     Sergeant, Queensland Artillery, 1885     Bugler, Queensland Infantry, 1886     Corporal, Charters Towers Cadet Corps, 1886     Trooper, Moreton Mounted Infantry, 1886     Trooper, Gympie Mounted Infantry, 1886     Lieutenant & Rifleman, Brisbane Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1886     Private, Queensland Scottish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1886     Officer, Queensland Volunteer Engineers, 1886     Private & Officer, Roma Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1886     Lieutenant, Queensland Infantry, 1886     Officer, Queensland Infantry, 1887     Rifleman, Queensland Irish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1887     Officer, Medical Department, 1887     Officer, Moreton Mounted Infantry, 1887     Lieutenants, Queensland Artillery & Queensland Engineers, 1887     Trooper, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1887     Captains, Queensland Scottish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1887     Officer, Queensland Police Force, 1887     Lieutenant & Lance Corporal, Queensland Infantry, 1887     Captain, Queensland Scottish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1888     Lieutenant, Brisbane Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1888     Lieutenant, Queensland Irish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1888     Officer, Queensland Artillery, 1888     Rifleman, Roma Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1888     Surgeon, Medical Department, QDF, 1889     Rifleman, Cairns Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1889     Soldier, Brisbane Volunteer Ambulance Corps, 1889     Captain & Lance Corporal, Queensland Infantry, 1889     Bugler, Brisbane Volunteer Rifles, 1889     Drummer, Queensland Scottish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1889     Chaplain, Queensland Defence Force, 1889     Captain, Brisbane Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1890     Privates, Queensland Infantry & Scottish Volunteer Rifles, 1890     Senior Constable, Queensland Police Force, 1890     Member, Rifle Club, 1890     Bandsman, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 1891     Lieutenant, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1891     Colour Sergeant, Permanent Staff, Queensland Infantry, 1891     Lance Corporal, Maryborough Mounted Infantry, 1891     Lieutenant, Queensland Naval Brigade, 1891     Sergeant & Lieutenant, Queensland Infantry, 1892     Rifleman, Brisbane Volunteer Rifles, 1892     Staff Sergeant, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1892     Constable, Brisbane Water Police, 1892     Second Lieutenant, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1892     Lieutenant, Queensland Volunteer Rifles, 1892     Cadet & Officer, Public School Cadet Corps, 1893     Mounted Constable, Queensland Police Force, 1893     Private, 1st Infantry Regiment, 1892     Staff Sergeant, Permanent Staff attached to the Queensland Artillery, 1893     Sergeant & Bandsman, Regimental Bands, 1893     Lieutenant & Sub-Lieutenant, Queensland Naval Brigade, 1894     Corporal & Lieutenant, Queensland Irish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1894     Captain, Brisbane Engineers, 1894     Lance Corporal, Queensland Infantry, 1894     Lance Corporal, Queensland Irish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1894     Sergeant & Lieutenant, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1894     Lieutenant & Major, Volunteer Force, 1895     Captain, Veterinary Department, 1895     Captain, Infantry from the Central Districts, 1895     Private & Lieutenant, Queensland Infantry, 1896     Sergeant, Brisbane Engineers, 1896     Lieutenant, Queensland Maritime Defence Force, 1896     Lieutenants, Volunteer Corps, 1896     Captain, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1895     Major, Permanent Staff, QDF, 1895     Private, Ambulance Corps, 1896     Sub-Lieutenant, Queensland Maritime Defence Force, 1896     Captain, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1896     Officer, Queensland Engineers, 1896     Staff Sergeant & Bandsman, Head Quarters Band, 1896     Mounted Constable, Queensland Police Force, 1896     Bandsman, Headquarters Band, QDF, 1896     Officer & Private, QDF, 1896     Corporal, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1897     Second Lieutenant & Lieutenant, Queensland Infantry, 1897     Major, Permanent Staff, QDF, 1897     Sergeant Major, Queensland Artillery, 1897     Private, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 1897     Bandsman & Mounted Escort, Queensland Police Force, 1898     Chaplain, QDF, 1898 & 1901     Major, Permanent Staff, QDF, 1898     Rating, Queensland Maritime Defence Force, 1898     Rifleman, Queensland Teachers Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1898     Quartermaster Sergeant, Permanent Staff, 1st Infantry Regiment, 1898     Bandsman, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1899     Gunner, Queensland Permanent Artillery, 1899     Member, Rifle Club,1899     Second Lieutenant, Queensland Artillery, 1899     Lieutenant & Trooper, Queensland Contingent, Second Boer War, 1900     Cadet, Naval Volunteer Cadet Corps, QMDF, 1900     Sergeant, Regimental Band, Queensland Rifles, 1900     Sergeant, Queensland Police Force, 1900     Lance Corporal, Kennedy Regiment, 1900     Corporal, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1900     Officer, Queensland Rifles, 1901     Gunner, Queensland Artillery, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery, 1901     Soldier, QDF, 1901     Bandsman, Queensland Maritime Defence Force, 1901     Corporal, Maryborough Ambulance Corps, 1901     Bandsmen, Queensland Permanent Artillery, 1902     Lieutenants, Volunteer Corps, 1902     Lance Corporal, 5th Infantry Regiment, 1902     Quartermaster Sergeant, Queensland Infantry, 1902     Lieutenant, Scottish Company, Queensland Rifles, 1902     Sub-Lieutenant, Naval Brigade, QMDF, 1902     Captain, Medical Department, 1902     Cadets, Queensland Public School Cadet Corps, 1902     Head Constable, Queensland Police Force, 1903     Captain, Permanent Staff, QDF, 1903