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Uniforms of Colonial Australia, Volume 6, the Colony of New South Wales Part II

This CD contains over 200 illustrations of the uniforms worn by the Volunteer, Military, Maritime and Police forces, as well as cadets and civil authorities of the Colony of New South Wales. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below, with detailed descriptions. A history of the forces is provided with annual strength data and weapons used. Brigade & General orders relating to uniforms and badges have been included as well as numerous clippings from contemporary newspapers describing the uniforms of their day.

This completes the collection of uniforms of colonial New South Wales begun with UOTW 07.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Superintendent, New South Wales Police Force, 1898

Officers of the Police Force wore a braided jacket like that worn in undress by infantry officers, although the latter only had four bars. The headdress is a kepi with black lace band and embroidered crown attached to the front and lace covered button on the top. Over the jacket is worn a cross belt with metal fittings. For a 'foot' officer this consisted of a mount, chains and whistle. For a mounted officer the whistle was replaced by a set of pickers, as worn by the cavalry. Trousers, overalls and breeches were worn depending on the duty.

If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (48) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Constable, NSW Mounted Police, 1830     Officer, NSW Native Police, 1843     Member, Gold Escort Company, 1854     Sergeant, Balmain Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1860     Land Waiter & Tide Waiter, Customs Service, 1860     Rifleman, Randwick Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1860     Rifleman, West Maitland Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1861     Lieutenant, Sydney Volunteer Artillery Corps, 1861     Uniforms designed for the Sydney Light Horse, 1861     Corporal & Officer, Penrith Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1861     Lieutenant, New South Wales Volunteer Artillery Corps, 1861     Bandsman, Band of the Suburban Battalion, NSW Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1861     Sergeant & Trooper, NSW Mounted Rifles, 1861     Rifleman, Hawkesbury Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1861     Gunner, South Sydney Volunteer Field Artillery, 1861     Bandsman, Band of the Volunteer Force, 1861     Corporal, Sydney Battalion, & Sergeant, Suburban Battalion, NSW Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1862     Lance Corporal, Newcastle Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1862     Lieutenant, Glebe Company, Suburban Battalion, NSW Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1862     Riflemen, Maitland & Morpeth Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1862     Lance Corporal, West Maitland Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1862     Rifleman, Newcastle Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1863     Rifleman, Sydney Battalion, NSW Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1863     Acting Sergeant, NSW Police Force, 1863     Gunner & Bombardier, 2nd Battery, NSW Volunteer Artillery Corps, 1863     Rifleman, West Maitland Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1864     Rifleman, West Maitland Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1866     Lieutenant, Sydney Battalion, NSW Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1867     Cadet, King's School, 1869     Rifleman, Bathurst Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1869     Cadet, Sydney Grammar School, 1872     Sergeant Major, Cadet Corps, Newington College, 1873     Senior Constable, NSW Police Force, 1873     Rifleman, NSW Highlander Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1873     Sergeant Major & Gunner, NSW Volunteer Artillery, 1875     Corporal, 3rd Battalion of Infantry, 1875     Officer, Permanent Staff, NSW Volunteer Force, 1875     Private, 1st Sydney Battalion of Infantry, 1875     Officer, Permanent Staff, NSW Volunteer Force, 1876     Sergeant, 2nd Regiment of NSW Infantry, 1876     Lance Corporal & Sergeant Major, 4th Regiment of Infantry, 1876     Sapper, NSW Volunteer Engineers, 1876     Rifleman, Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1876     Chaplain, NSW Volunteer Forces, 1877     Corporal, Duke of Edinburgh’s Highland Volunteer Rifles, 1877     Staff Sergeant, NSW Permanent Artillery, 1878     Lieutenant, NSW Naval Brigade, 1880     Officer, NSW Infantry, 1880     Warder, NSW Prisons, 1881     Gunner, NSW Volunteer Artillery, 1881     Officer, NSW Regiment of Infantry, 1881     Subaltern, NSW Torpedo Corps, 1881     Subaltern, NSW Volunteer Artillery, 1881     Bandsman, Infantry Band, NSW Volunteer Forces, 1883     Corporal, 1st Regiment of Infantry, 1883     Sergeant Major, Volunteer Staff, NSW Volunteer Forces, 1883     Gunner, NSW Permanent Artillery, 1884     Private & Officer, NSW Contingent to the Soudan, 1885     Cadets, Public School Cadet Corps, 1885     Gunner, NSW Permanent Artillery, 1885     Officer, Volunteer Staff, NSW Military Forces, 1885     Riflemen, Burwood Reserve Infantry Company, 1886     Trooper, Sydney Lancers, 1886     Sergeant, Maitland Light Horse, 1886     Lance Corporal, Cavalry Reserves, 1886     Captain, Upper Clarence Light Horse, 1886     Trooper, Lawrence Mounted Reserve Corps, 1887     Private, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 1887     Inspector, New South Wales Police Force, 1887     Private, Reserve Infantry Company, 1887     Sapper, NSW Torpedo Corps, 1887     Rifleman, NSW Scottish Volunteer Rifles, 1887     Private & Honorary Member, Reserve Infantry, 1888     Officer, Grafton Light Horse, 1888     Rating, NSW Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1888     Sergeant, Upper Clarence Light Horse, 1888     Trooper, Permanent Mounted Infantry, 1889     Gunner, NSW Volunteer Artillery, 1889     Mounted Constable, New South Wales Police Force, 1889     Lance Corporal, Queanbeyan Mounted Rifles, 1889     Staff Sergeant, NSW Engineers, 1890     Officer, NSW Scottish Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1891     Sergeant Major, NSW Medical Staff Corps, 1891     Captain & Staff Sergeant, Staff, NSW Military Forces, 1891     Lieutenant, NSW Commissariat & Transport Corps, 1892     Officer, NSW Lancers, 1892     Cadet, Mounted Cadet Corps, 1892     Officer, NSW Volunteer Artillery, 1893     Officers, NSW Medical Department & Medical Staff Corps, 1893     Mounted Constable, NSW Police Force, 1893     Postman, Sydney City, NSW Postal Service, 1893     Gunner, NSW Permanent Artillery, 1894     Officer, NSW Lancers, 1894     Trooper & Second Lieutenant, NSW Mounted Rifles, 1895     Sergeant, 1st Australian Volunteer Horse, 1895     Adjutant, Permanent Staff, NSW Military Forces, 1895     Lieutenant, NSW Army Service Corps, 1895     Staff Sergeant, Permanent Staff, NSW Military Forces, 1895     Sergeant, NSW Permanent Artillery, 1895     Garrison Sergeant Major, NSW Military Forces, 1895     Rating, NSW Naval Forces, 1895     Major, NSW Ordnance Department, 1895     Captain, 1st Infantry, & Subaltern, 4th Infantry Regiment, 1896     Lieutenant, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 1896     Captain, 1st Australian Horse, 1896     Major, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 1896     Private, 4th Infantry Regiment, 1896     Officer, Cadet Corps, Riverview College, 1896     Captain, NSW Ordnance Department, 1896     Officer & Sergeant, NSW Lancers, 1896     Sapper, NSW Engineers, 1896     Rifleman, 5th (Union) Infantry Regiment (Irish Rifles), 1896     Officers of the Volunteer Corps, Mess Dress, 1897     Chaplain, NSW Military Forces, 1897     Senior NCO, Submarine Miners, NSW Engineers, 1897     Officer, 1st Australian Horse, 1897     Officer, Permanent Staff, NSW Military Forces, 1897     Captain, NSW Veterinary Department, 1897     Superintendent, New South Wales Police Force, 1898     Private, NSW Army Service Corps, 1898     Trooper, NSW Mounted Rifles, 1898     Sergeant, 5th Infantry Regiment (NSW Scottish Rifles), 1898     Officers, 1st Australian Horse, 1899     Commandant of the NSW Military Forces, 1899     Band Sergeant, 4th Infantry Regiment, 1899     Foot Constable, New South Wales Police Force, 1899     Sergeant Major, 5th Infantry Regiment (NSW Scottish Rifles), 1899     Corporal, NSW Mounted Rifles, 1899     Piper, Scots College, Sydney, 1899     Corporal, NSW Marine Light Infantry, 1900     Chaplain, NSW Military Forces, 1900     Gunner, A Battery, NSW Permanent Artillery, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery, 1900     Commandant of the NSW Military Forces, 1900     Cadet, Cyclist Detachment, Scots College of Sydney, 1900     Trooper, Half-Squadron of Mounted Lancers (Reserve Force), 1900     Recruit, New South Wales Police Force, 1900     Bushman, NSW Bushmen's Contingent, 1901     Staff Sergeant, 2nd NSW Infantry Regiment, 1901     Private, 6th Infantry Regiment (the Australian Rifles), 1901     Officer, 8th Infantry Regiment (the NSW Irish Rifles), 1901     Member, Rifle Club, 1901     Trooper, NSW Border Scouts, 1901     Bandsman, NSW National Guard, 1901     Midshipman, NSW Naval Brigade, 1901     Staff Sergeant, NSW Mounted Rifles, 1901     Quartermaster Sergeant, 7th Infantry Regiment (St George’s English Rifles), 1902     Foot Constable & Mounted Sergeant, NSW Police Force, 1902     Trooper, Australian Horse, 1902     Staff Instructor, NSW Army Medical Corps, 1902     Lance Corporal, Australian Rifles, 1902     Midshipman, NSW Naval Brigade, 1902     Major, NSW Infantry, 1902