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Junior in Uniform     Australian Cadets, 1903 to 1945

This CD contains 100 illustrations of uniforms, complemented with descriptive text, worn by land, air and sea cadet units of Australia. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Cadet, St Peter’s College, 1937

South Australia

The College formed its first Cadet Corps in 1900, but only lasted two years.  The next Corps was raised in 1905 with Federal Government support.  After universal service the College again took responsibility for the Corps.

In 1936 the Cadets received a new uniform in khaki serge.  It consist of a felt hat with folded light khaki puggaree, with a dark blue fold second from top.  The College badge is worn on the turned up left brim.

The serge jacket has blue piping on the shoulder straps and pointed cuffs, and blue patches on the collar ends.  There is a small button on each patch.

This Cadet wears an old cadet belt to which is attached two ammunition pouches from the 1903 pattern equipment.

The plain serge trousers are worn with shoes or ankle boots.

He carries a SMLE rifle with bayonet.


If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (05) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Cadet, Richmond Hill School, 1903          Junior Cadet, New South Wales, 1904          Junior Cadet, Continuation School, 1905          Cadet, Adelaide High School, 1905          Senior Cadet, Barker College, 1905          Corporal, The King's School, 1906          Lance Corporal, Newington College, 1906          Cadet, Launceston Church Grammar School, 1906          Junior Cadet, Western Australia, 1906          Sergeant, Senior Cadets, 1907          Senior Cadet, Western Australia, 1908          Commonwealth Naval Cadet, 1909 Vic          Corporal, Church of England Grammar School, 1909 WA          Corporal, Senior Cadets, 1910 Qld   Cadet, Australian Mounted Cadets, 1910          Sergeant, Australian Cadet Corps, Coronation Contingent, 1911          Cadet Officer, King's School, 1911   Cadet, 19th Infantry Battalion, 1913          Private, 1st Brisbane Company, Boys Brigade, 1914          Commonwealth Naval Cadet, 1914          Senior Cadet, 48th Infantry Battalion, 1917 SA           Cadet Corporal, 11th Infantry Battalion (City of Perth Regiment), 1925          Cadet, The King's School, 1928          Cadet, 36th Battalion (St George’s English Rifle Regiment), 1927 NSW          Cadet, Southport College, 1929          Sea Cadet, Navy League, 1930 NSW          Cadet, Toowoomba Grammar School, 1930          Corporal, Prince Alfred College, 1932          Corporal, Scots College, 1932 NSW          Cadet, Barker College, 1932          Cadet, Brisbane Grammar School, 1932          Cadet, Church of England Grammar School, 1933 WA   Corporal, Australian Air League, 1934 NSW          Cadet, Rockhampton Grammar School, 1935          Lance Corporal, Cranbrook School, 1935          Cadet, Toowoomba Grammar School, 1935          Cadet, Southport College, 1936          First Officer, Australian Air League, 1936 NSW          Cadet, Sydney Grammar School, 1936          Cadet, Newington College, 1936          Cadet Geelong College, 1936          Cadet, Church of England Grammar School, 1937 Vic          Cadet, Hobart High School, 1937          Senior Under Officer, Knox Grammar School, 1937          Cadet, St Peters College, 1937 SA          Cadet, Church of England Grammar School, 1937 Qld          Cadet, Chilton High School, 1937          Cadet Officer, Scots College, 1937 NSW          Cadet, Haileybury College, 1938          Cadet, Scotch College, 1937 Tas          Corporal, The Hutchins School, 1938          Cadet, Scotch College, 1938 Vic           Cadet, Trinity Grammar School, 1938 Vic          Lance Corporal, Cranbrook School, 1938          Cadet, Xavier College, 1938          Sergeant, Australian Air League, 1938          Cadet, Brisbane Boy's Grammar School, 1938          Cadet, Camberwell Grammar School, 1938          Cadet, Hurlstone Agricultural High School, 1938          Cadet, Wesley College, 1938 WA           Cadet, Prince Alfred College, 1938   Cadet, St Ignatius' College, 1939          Cadet, Caulfield Technical College, 1938          Sergeant, St Ignatius’ College, 1939 NSW           Cadet, Townsville Grammar School, 1939          Cadet, Launceston Church Grammar School, 1939          Cadet, Sydney Church of England Grammar School, 1939          Cadet, Boys Grammar School, 1939          Cadet, Trinity Grammar School, 1939 NSW          Cadet, St Joseph's School, 1939 Qld          Cadet, Scotch College, 1939 Tas          Cadet, Brisbane State School, 1939          Cadet, Knox Grammar School, 1939          Lance Corporal, Barker College, 1940          Cadet, Chilton High School, 1940          Cadet, Sacred Hearts College, 1940          Cadet, Carey Baptist Grammar School, 1940          Cadet, Assumption College, 1940 Vic          Cadet, Waverley College, 1940 NSW          Cadet, Scots College, 1940 Qld          Cadet, St Joseph’s College, 1940 NSW          Cadet, Boys’ Grammar School, 1941          Cadet, Ballarat High School, 1941          Cadet, Caulfield High School, 1941          Cadet, Fort Street School, 1941          Cadet, Devonport High School, 1941          Cadet Officer, Scotch College, 1941 WA           Cadet, Trinity Grammar School, 1941 NSW          Cadet, Launceston High School, 1941          Cadet, Air Training Corps, 1941          Cadet, Wesley College, 1942 Vic          Corporal, Air Training Corps, 1942   Sergeant, St Aloysius' College, 1943 NSW          Cadet, Hobart Junior Technical School, 1943          Cadet, The Armidale School, 1943          Cadet, Wesley College, 1943 Vic          Cadet, Girls' Section, Australian Air League, 1944 NSW          Corporal, St Patrick's College, 1944 Tas          Cadet Officer, St Joseph's College, 1944 NSW          Piper, Brisbane Boys' College, 1945