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The Uniforms of New Zealand, Volume 2, 1895 to 1901

This CD contains over 230 illustrations of uniforms worn by the military and civil agencies of New Zealand for the period 1895 to 1901.  The illustrations are complemented with brief descriptive texts supplemented with contemporary photographs or items where available. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown at the 'example page' below.

Contents of the CD include the 1895 dress regulations, 1900 order for a standard uniform, and newspaper snippets on a range of other units of the Defence Force. Other written content includes:     Brief History of the Military Forces     The Report by Lieutenant-Colonel Fox, R.A.     The New Zealand Official Year-Book 1895 to 1901     Articles from the Navy & Army Illustrated, Colonial Forces: New Zealand I to XI     Notes on the 1st to 7th South African Contingents, 1899-1901     Newspaper articles relevant to the Federal Contingent to Melbourne     Newspaper Illustrations of Patriotic Women's Corps     General Notes on Uniforms, Badges & Buttons Worn in the Period      Notes on uniforms worn in New Zealand but not illustrated     Newspaper Illustrations of the Infantry 1898 to 1901     Newspaper illustrations of the Mounted Corps 1899 to 1901     Newspaper Illustrations of miscellaneous military subjects     Newspaper & other Illustrations of Naval Artillery Volunteers     General Notes on Weapons Used in the Period

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page


Sergeant Major, Auckland Engineer Volunteers, 1898

This senior soldier of the Corps wears a variation of the prescribed 1895 uniform. The FS cap is as ordered with red flap piping. The jacket is ornamented with red piping, but has an Engineer’s crow’s foot knot on the cuffs instead of the dictated Austrian type. On the right forearm are his badges of rank in lace and embroidery.

The trousers have a thick red stripe down the outer seams.

The photographs below show the officers of the unit in undress uniform (jacket below), and the other ranks in '95 pattern uniforms. But with only five buttons on the front and crow's foot knots on the cuffs.


If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (01) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Captain, Temulka Rifles, 1895     Bandsman, Invercargill Garrison Band, 1895     Officer, New Zealand Volunteer Artillery, 1895     Lieutenant, Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 1895     Sergeant Major, Permanent Staff, New Zealand Defence Force, 1895     Sergeant, Waikato Mounted Rifles, 1895     Corporal & Gunner, New Zealand Permanent Artillery, 1895     Lance Corporal, Manawatu Mounted Rifles, 1895     Lieutenant & Gunner, Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1895     Captain, Wanganui Guards, 1895     Sapper& Lieutenant, Volunteer Engineers, 1895     Captain, Dunedin City Guards, 1896Corporal, New Zealand Artillery, 1896     Second Lieutenant & Trooper, New Zealand Mounted Rifles, 1896     Rifleman, Christchurch City Guards, 1896     Sub Lieutenant & Seaman, Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1896    Trooper, Marlborough Mounted Rifles, 1896     Rifleman & Lieutenant, Wanganui Rifles, 1896     Stationmaster, New Zealand Railways, 1896     Rifleman, No.2 Lyttleton Rifles, 1896     Fireman, Gisborne Volunteer Fire Brigade, 1896     Sergeant, Waiuku Mounted Rifles, 1896     Second Lieutenant & Rifleman, Palmerston North Rifles, 1896     Sergeant, Blenheim Rifles, 1897     Rifleman, Canterbury Rifles, 1897     Bugler, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 1897     Officer, Dunedin Highland Rifles, 1897     Trooper& Lance Corporal, New Zealand Contingent for Queen Victoria's Jubilee, 1897     Lieutenant, New Zealand Contingent for Queen Victoria's Jubilee, 1897     Rifleman, Christchurch City Rifles, 1897     Trooper, Heretaunga Mounted Rifles, 1897     Medical Officer, New Zealand Defence Force, 1897     Officer, Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 1897     Bugler, Christ's College Rifles, 1897     Senior Constable, New Zealand Police Force, 1897     Trooper, Hawera Mounted Rifles, 1897     Officers, Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1897     Officer, Wellington Guards, 1897     Sergeant, Otago Hussars, 1897     Trooper, Mounted Rifles, 1897     Rifleman, a Volunteer Rifles Corps, 1897     Lance Corporal, College Rifles, Wellington, 1898     Bandsman, Wanganui Garrison Band, 1898     Sergeant Major, Auckland Engineer Volunteers, 1898     Rifleman, Fielding Rifles, 1898     Rifleman, Canterbury Rifles, 1898     Cadet, Blenheim Rifles, 1898     Corporal, Wellington Guards, 1898     Corporal, New Zealand Volunteer Artillery, 1898     Rifleman, North Dunedin Rifles, 1898    Officer, Otago Hussars, 1898     Corporal, Dunedin Highland Rifles, 1898     Second Lieutenant, Alexandra Mounted Rifles, 1898     Trooper, Auckland Mounted Rifles, 1898     Sergeant, Dunedin City Guards, 1898     Officer, Engineer Volunteers, 1898     Mounted Sergeant, New Zealand Police Force, 1898     Gunner, 'D' Battery, New Zealand Volunteer Artillery, 1898     Second Lieutenant, Kelburne Rifles, 1898     Staff Sergeant, Ohinemuri Rifles, 1898     Sergeant & Captain, Victoria Rifles, 1898     Bugler, TeAroha Rifles, 1898     Officer & Gunner, New Zealand Volunteer Artillery , 1898     Rifleman, Volunteer Rifles, 1898     Corporal, Nelson Garrison Band, 1899     Bugler, Christchurch City Guards, 1899     Trooper, South Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 1899     Sapper, No.2 Section, Permanent Force, 1899     Rifleman & Second Lieutenant, 1st New Zealand Native Rifles, 1899     Rifleman, Civil Service Rifles, 1899     Captain&Trooper, Ellesmere Mounted Rifles, 1899     Trooper, Waikato Mounted Rifles, 1899     Lieutenant, Taranaki Rifles, 1899     Rifleman, 2nd New Zealand Native Rifles, 1899     Gunner, New Zealand Permanent Artillery, 1899     Second Lieutenant, Wairoa Mounted Rifles, 1899     Bicyclist, New Zealand Police Force, 1899     Lieutenant&Trooper, Heretaunga Mounted Rifles, 1899     Corporal, Woodville Rifles, 1899     Rifleman, Palmerston North Guards, 1899     Trooper, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 1899     Seaman, Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1899     Corporal, Hauraki Rifles, 1899     Sapper, Sub Marine Mining Corps, 1899     Rifleman, Timaru Rifles, 1899     Rifleman, Zealandia Rifles, 1899     Cadet, Queen's School Cadet Corps, 1899     Lance Corporal, Nelson Coast Guard Corps, 1899     Officer, South Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 1899     Bugler, North Otago Mounted Rifles, 1899     Trooper, Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 1900     Gunner, New Zealand Volunteer Artillery, 1900     Rifleman, 1st Westland Rifles, 1900     Rifleman, Canterbury Cycle Corps, 1900     Rifleman, No.2 Victoria Rifles, 1900     Gunners, New Zealand Artillery, 1900 Private, Auckland Volunteer Bearer Corps, 1900     Rifleman, Auckland Rifles, 1900     Rifleman, College Rifles, Auckland, 1900     Bugler, Canterbury Regiment, 1900     Sergeant & Trooper, 1st Contingent to the South African War, 1900     Gunner, Nelson Coast Artillery Corps, 1900     Rifleman, 2nd New Zealand Native Rifles, 1900     Rifleman, Wellington City Rifles, 1900     Fireman, Hawera Volunteer Fire Brigade, 1900     Rifleman, North Canterbury Infantry Battalion, 1900Sergeant Major, Permanent Staff, New Zealand Defence Force, 1900     Sapper, Auckland Engineer Volunteers, 1900     Rifleman, 3rd New Zealand Native Rifles, 1900     Trooper, East Coast Mounted Rifles, 1900     Rifleman, Onehunga Rifles, 1900     Corporal, Wairoa Mounted Rifles, 1900     Officer, Otago Hussars, 1900     Captain & Corporal, 1st New Zealand Native Rifles, 1900     Private, Canterbury Volunteer Bearer Corps, 1900     Rifleman, Wanganui Guards, 1900     Goaler, Prison Branch, Department of Justice, 1900  Sergeant & Captain, Hastings Rifles, 1900     Second Lieutenant & Corporal , Wakari Rifles, 1900     Sapper, Dunedin Engineer Volunteers, 1900     Lance Corporal, Auckland Garrison Band, 1900     Rifleman, Nelson Rifles, 1900     Cadet, Otago High School Cadet Corps, 1900     Rifleman, Wellington Cycle Corps, 1900     Sergeant, Wiamea Rifles, 1900     Rifleman, Taranaki Guards, 1900     Corporal, Whangerai Garrison Band, 1900     Lieutenant, Hauraki Rifles, 1900     Lance Corporal & Lieutenant, Clutha Mounted Rifles, 1900     Trooper, Waikato Mounted Rifles, 1900     Corporal, Oreti Rifles, 1900     Seaman, Naval Artillery Volunteers, 1900     Trooper, Wakatu Mounted Rifles, 1900     Rifleman, Cyclist Section, Kaiapoi Rifles, 1900     Rifleman, Post & Telegraph Volunteer Rifles, 1900     Sergeant, Pukekohe Mounted Rifles, 1900     Sergeant, Southlands Mounted Rifles, 1900     Corporal, Auckland Cycle Corps, 1900     Sapper & Lieutenant, Star Boating Club Sub Marine Mining Corps, 1900     Bandsman, Band of the 1st Auckland Battalion, 1900     Bandsman, Wellington Garrison Band, 1900     Staff Sergeant & Trooper, South African Contingents, 1901     Trooper, North Otago Mounted Rifles, 1901     Rifleman, Whangarei Rifles, 1901     Lance Corporal, Horowhenua Mounted Rifles, 1901     Cadet, Christchurch Boys' High School Cadet Corps, 1901     Trooper, Stratford Mounted Rifles, 1901Corporal, Wanganui Highland Rifles, 1901     Lance Corporal, Ellesmere Mounted Rifles, 1901     Sergeant, Federal Contingent, Melbourne, 1901     Sapper, Dunedin Engineer Volunteers, 1901     Lieutenant, Nelson Rifles, 1901     Staff Sergeant, Seddon Horse, 1901     Lieutenant, Canterbury Volunteer Bearer Corps, 1901     Lieutenant, Ranfurly Rifles, 1901     Superintendent, New Zealand Police Force, 1901     Trooper, Mongonui Mounted Rifles, 1901     Lieutenant, Wairarapa Mounted Rifles, 1901     Sergeant, Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 1901     Sergeant & Captain, Hawera Rifles, 1901     Bugler, Wakari Rifles, 1901     Piper, Wanganui Highland Rifles, 1901     Bugler, Woodville Rifles, 1901     Lieutenant, Ohinemuri Rifles, 1901     Gunner, E Battery, New Zealand Artillery, 1901     Gunner, 3rd Coastal Artillery Volunteers, 1901     Trooper, MacKenzie Mounted Rifles, 1901     Sapper, Wellington Sub Marine Mining Corps, 1901     Corporal, Wakatipu Mounted Rifles, 1901     Rifleman, Dunedin Highland Rifles, 1901     Captain, Napier Rifles, 1901     Lieutenant, Marsden Mounted Rifles, 1901     Rifleman, Canterbury Battalion, 1901     Piper, Dunedin Highland Rifles, 1901     Rifleman, Gisborne Rifles, 1901     Bandsman, Taranaki Rifles, 1901     Rifleman, College Rifles, Auckland, 1901     Rifleman, Waipawa Rifles, 1901