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Uniforms of Colonial Australia, Volume 1     The Colony of New South Wales, 1801 to 1902

This CD contains 100 illustrations of uniforms worn by the Volunteer, Military, Maritime and Police forces, and cadets of the Colony of New South Wales. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below, with detailed descriptions. A history of the forces is provided with illustrations of their badges and other items of clothing.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Corporal, Sydney Lancers, 1885

Not long after their formation the Sydney Light Horse converted to Lancers.  They were dressed in imitation of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers.  Their badges, however, were based on the family badges of the Governor, Lord Carrington.  He gave his permission for their use and was a great patron of the Lancers.

The uniform is by far one of the most elegant worn by a NSW unit.  The white metal helmet is the same pattern as used in by heavy cavalry in Britain, with a mixed falling plume of white over red.  The helmet is shown at the bottom of the page with the body painted white.  The red puggaree was added later when the unit changed to a khaki uniform, and not initially worn.

The Lancer jacket has a red plastron on the chest, which could be buttoned over for field service.  The rear was also embellished, with red piping, as shown below.

The white cords around the body could be attached to the helmet so that should it fall off in the charge, its owner would not completely lose it.  Interesting theory and would possible work for a Lancer’s cap.

Over the left shoulder is worn a white leather cross belt with central red line, like the Household cavalry.

Around the waist is a Lancer girdle of red and yellow.  It buttoned closed at the left hip.

The breeches have two red stripes down the outer seams and are worn with black riding boots.

The unit carried lances on ceremonial occasions, as well as swords.  On field service Martini-Henry carbines were employed.



Courtesy of the Monarch Military Museum

Courtesy of the Lancers Barracks Museum

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CD number & plate title

Private, Loyal Association of Sydney, 1801 Trooper, Sydney Yeomanry Cavalry, 1854 Corporal, Sydney Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1855 Gunner, Sydney Volunteer Artillery Corps, 1855 Lieutenant, Sydney Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1856 Gunner, Sydney Volunteer Artillery Corps, 1861 Private, Sydney Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1861 Trooper, Sydney Mounted Rifles, 1861 Bandsman, Sydney Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1863 Surgeon, Sydney Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1864 Constable, NSW Police, 1867 Bugler, Sydney Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1868 Cadet, King’s School Cadet Corps, 1869 Sergeant, NSW Permanent Infantry, 1870 Sergeant Major, 2nd Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, 1872 Senior Constable, NSW Mounted Police, 1874 Seaman, NSW Naval Brigade, 1875 Officer, NSW Volunteer Engineer Corps, 1876 Sergeant, Southern Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, 1876 Lieutenant, Duke of Edinburgh's Highland Volunteer Rifles, 1877 Gunner, NSW Volunteer Artillery, 1878 Lance Corporal, NSW Engineer Corps, 1879 Private, 2nd Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, 1880 Sergeant, 4th Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, 1881 Cadet, King’s School Cadet Corps, 1881 Seaman, NSW Naval Brigade, 1882 Sergeant, NSW Torpedo Corps, 1882 Corporal, 2nd Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, 1883 Officer, NSW Torpedo Corps, 1883 Major, 4th Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, 1884 Bandsman, NSW Volunteer Artillery, 1884 Bandsman, NSW Infantry, 1885 Officer, Sydney Light Horse, 1885 Private, Reserve Infantry Company, 1885 Corporal, Sydney Lancers, 1885 Lieutenant, Reserve Infantry Company, 1886 Trooper, Reserve Light Horse, 1886 Trooper, Upper Clarence Light Horse, 1886 Corporal, 4th Infantry Regiment, 1888 Chaplain, 1888 Trooper, Sydney Lancers, 1888 Captain, NSW Mounted Infantry, 1888 Sergeant Major, NSW Staff, 1888 Cadet, Sydney High School Cadet Corps, 1888 Officer, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 1889 Piper, 5th Regiment NSW Scottish Rifles, 1889 Trooper, Casino Light Horse, 1890 Trooper, Sydney Lancers, NSW Regiment of Volunteer Cavalry, 1890 Trooper, Tabulam Mounted Infantry, 1891 Trooper, Sydney Lancers, NSW Regiment of Volunteer Cavalry, 1892 Officer, NSW Engineers, 1894 Private, 2nd NSW Infantry Regiment, 1895 Staff Sergeant, NSW Engineers, 1895 Corporal, NSW Medical Staff Corps, 1895 Seaman, NSW Naval Brigade, 1895 Senior Constable, Sydney Water Police, 1895 Officer, Veterinary Department, 1895 Sergeant, 4th NSW Infantry Regiment, 1896 Bombardier, NSW Artillery, 1896 Officer, NSW Army Service Corps, 1896 Lance Corporal, 5th (Union Volunteer) NSW Infantry Regiment, 1896 Major General, Commandant NSW Military Forces, 1896 Sergeant, Grafton High School Cadet Corps, 1896 Sergeant, NSW Lancers, 1896 Sergeant, Band, NSW Lancers, 1896 Bandsman, NSW Police, 1896 Corporal, NSW Railway Volunteer Corps, 1896 Lieutenant, NSW Artillery, 1897 Trooper, 1st Australian Volunteer Horse, 1897 Bandsman, 6th NSW Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Australian Rifles), 1897 Captain, 7th NSW Volunteer Infantry Regiment (St George’s Rifles), 1897 Officer, NSW Lancers, 1897 Lieutenant, NSW Medical Staff Corps, 1897 Lieutenant, NSW Mounted Rifles, 1897 Private, NSW National Guard, 1897 Seaman, NSW Naval Brigade, 1897 Lieutenant, Ordnance Department, 1897 Private, Reserve Infantry, 1898 Officer, Australian Horse, 1898 Officer, NSW Engineers, 1898 Trooper, Tenterfield Squadron, NSW Mounted Rifles, 1898 Cadet, Newington College Cadet Corps, 1898 Private, 3rd NSW Infantry Regiment, 1898 Captain, Australian Horse, 1900 Private, Army Service Corps, 1900 Subaltern, NSW Mounted Rifles, 1900 Lieutenant, NSW Naval Volunteer Artillery, 1900 Lance Corporal, 3rd NSW Infantry Regiment, 1901 Lieutenant, Australian Horse, 1901 Bugler, 7th NSW Volunteer Infantry Regiment (St George’s Rifles), 1901 Corporal, Hornsby Cadet Corps, 1901 Staff Sergeant, 8th (Union Volunteer) NSW Infantry Regt (Irish Rifles), 1901 Corporal, 5th NSW Infantry Regiment (Scottish Rifles), 1901 Sergeant, 6th NSW Infantry Regiment (Australian Rifles), 1901 Sergeant, NSW Civil Service Volunteer Infantry Corps, 1902 Trooper, NSW Lancers, 1902 Private, University Volunteer Rifles Corps, 1902