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The Royal West African Frontier Force, 1897 to 1961

This CD contains 100 illustrations of uniforms worn by the officers and soldiers serving in the West Africa, later Royal West Africa, Frontier Force. Included are a selection of unit badges and brief sub-unit histories. All plates are full page illustrations, as shown immediately below.

A complete list of illustrations is shown at the bottom of the page.     Cost $24.00

Example Page

Warrant Officer Class 2, Sierra Leone Regiment, RWAFF, 1956

If you would like to purchase individual, or a number of, plates from this CD use the button below to indicate the CD number (08) and the title of each plate. The cost is 70cents per plate, with descriptions and photographs included where relevant.

CD number & plate title

Private, Southern Nigeria Regiment, 1898   Private, Northern Nigeria Regiment, 1899   Lance Corporal, Northern Nigeria Regiment, 1900   Sergeant, Northern Nigeria Regiment, 1900   Private, Sierra Leone Battalion, 1901 Drum Major, Lagos Battalion, 1901   Private, Southern Nigeria Regiment, 1901   Sergeant, Lagos Battalion, 1901   Lieutenant, Sierra Leone Battalion, 1902   Sapper, Engineer Company, Sierra Leone Battalion, 1902   Gunner, Northern Nigeria Artillery, 1903   Bandsman, WAFF, 1903   Major, Lagos Regiment, 1904   Officers’ Unit Distinctions   Private, Northern Nigeria Regiment, 1904   British Sergeant, 2nd Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1904   Captain, Southern Nigeria Artillery, 1905   Officers’ Mess Dress Distinctions   Private, 1st Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1905   Sapper, Engineer Company, 1906   Private, 2nd Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1907   Other Ranks’ Unit Distinctions   Private, Sierra Leone Battalion, 1907   Bombardier, Nigeria Light Battery, 1908   Private, WAFF, 1908   Captain, HQ Staff, 1909   Private, Mounted Infantry, Northern Nigeria Regiment, 1910   Private, Gambia Company, 1910    British Officer, WAFF, 1911   Corporal, Engineer Company, 1912   Bandsman, WAFF, 1912   Private, Gold Coast Regiment, 1913   Private, Maxim Gun Detachment, WAFF, 1914   Major, WAFF, 1914   Private, WAFF, 1914   Private, Gold Coast Regiment, 1915   Private, WAFF, 1917   British Warrant Officer, WAFF, 1918   Bandsman, WAFF, 1919   British SNCO, WAFF, 1925   Colonel Commandant, Headquarters, WAFF, 1925   Private, Sierra Leone Regiment, 1926   Private, RWAFF, 1929   Captain, 2nd Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1930   Lance Bombardier, Nigeria Light Battery, 1931   Bandsman, 2nd Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1932   Captain, Gold Coast Regiment, 1932   Sergeant, 1st Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1932   Gun Carrier, Nigeria Light Battery, 1933   Corporal, WAFF, 1933   Major, Sierra Leone Battalion, 1935   Lieutenant, Signals School, RWAFF, 1936   Corporal, RWAFF, 1936   Gunner, Nigeria Light Battery, 1936   Captain, Gambia Company, 1937   British Sergeant, 2nd Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1937   RSM, 1st Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1938   Private, RWAFF, 1938   Private, Gold Coast Regiment, 1939   Lieutenant, RWAFF, 1939   Private, Gold Coast Regiment, 1940   Gunner, Anti-Aircraft Battery, RWAFF, 1941   Bandsman, RWAFF, 1941   Private, RWAFF, 1942   Private, RWAFF, 1942   Native Sergeant, RWAFF, 1942   Private, Mounted Infantry, RWAFF, 1943   Lieutenant, Mounted Infantry, RWAFF, 1943   Private, RWAFF, 1943   British Warrant Officer, RWAFF, 1943   Private, RWAFF, 1943   Private, RWAFF, 1943   Lieutenant, RWAFF, 1944   Corporal, 1st Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, 1944   Native Sergeant, Reconnaissance Regiment, 82nd Division, Burma, 1944   Private, 81st Division, Burma, 1944   Captain, 82nd Division, 1944   British SNCO, 81st Division, Burma, 1945   Bandsman, RWAFF, 1945   Private, RWAFF, 1947   Bandsman, RWAFF, 1949   Second Lieutenant, Gambia Company, 1950   Gunner, Nigerian Field Battery, 1952   Zouave jackets   Captain, Nigeria Regiment, 1953   RSM, RWAFF, 1953   Private, West African Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, 1954   Corps Zouave Jackets   Corporal, RWAFF, 1955   Major, Gold Coast Regiment, 1956   Private, RWAFF, 1956   Lieutenant, 4th Battalion, Queen’s Own Nigeria Regiment, 1956   Queen’s Own Nigeria Regiment Unit Distinctions   Major, RWAFF, 1957   Native Warrant Officer, Sierra Leone Battalion, 1957    ‘Boy’, Nigerian Military School, RWAFF, 1958   Native Sergeant, Nigeria Regiment, 1958   Private, RWAFF, 1958   Officer Cadet, RWAFF, 1959   Corporal, Military Police, RWAFF, 1959   Lieutenant, Staff Headquarters, RWAFF, 1960   Private, Sierra Leone Military Forces, 1961