Sergeant, 2nd Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment, 1990

The 2nd Battalion was originally the Nelson, Marlborough & West Coast Regiment, and this was allied with the Royal Irish Fusiliers. Hence they wore the blue caubeen with green plume, authorised in 1961.
When the Battalion was numbered as 2nd of the RNZIR it retained the alliance link, albeit now with the Royal Irish Regiment, and continued to wear a rifle green caubeen with plume.
Headdress - Caubeen with lighter green plume. The unit badge is attached to the left side at the base of the plume.
Uniform - Shirt and trousers are a darker shade of green, here worn as parade uniform. The white tape chevrons on the short right sleeve, and green sash over the right shoulder show his rank and status. The sash is embellished with ornamental embroidery that I have not shown here.
Equipment - Around the waist is worn the unitís green stable belt, with buckles on the left side.
Weapon - Calibre 5.56mm Steyr AUG rifle.