Rifleman, Woolston Rifle Volunteers, 1886

According to contemporary newspaper articles, the Woolston Volunteers was an Irish Corps that modelled itself on the 87th (Royal Irish Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot. The uniform described is shown, but I cannot confirm that it was worn.
Headdress Undress Glengarry cap of dark blue material with a black ribbon binding on the bottom edge and falling down the back. A red pompom is stitched to the crown. Attached to the left front is a square of black material used as backing to the metal badge, in this case likely to be a stringed bugle.
Tunic Standard New Zealand volunteer scarlet item, but with dark green facing cloth on the collar, shoulder straps and cuffs. All three areas were decorated with white piping, with a trefoil knot being formed above the cuff point.
White metal buttons closed the front and rear skirts.
Legwear Dark green trousers with a thin red welt down the side seams, worn over ankle boots.
Equipment White leather waist and cross belts. The latter supporting a large ammunition pouch behind the right hip. Brass snake clasp. Behind the left hip the bayonet hangs from the waist belt.
Weapon Calibre 0.577in Snider conversion of the 1853 Enfield rifle and bayonet.

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