Private, Infantry, Free State, 1927

Whilst the new Free State army owned much to their British forebears, they cut a distinctly different style.
Headdress – Mild steel helmet based on the German M16 design but manufactured by Vickers in England. This was painted black and had the army badge fixed to the front. It has a brown leather chinstrap.
A soft-crowned peaked cap was generally worn.
Jacket – Grey green serge with a stand collar and four external pockets. Each has a three point flap, but only the chest pockets have pleats. Corps badges were attached to the ends of the collar. Brass buttons closed the front.
Legwear – Flared grey green breeches tucked in to ruby brown leather leggings worn over ankle boots.
Equipment – British 1908 pattern webbing equipment coloured black. Over this is worn a British gasmask in its haversack, worn in the ‘alert’ position.
Weapon – Calibre 0.303in Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk.III and bayonet. The latter hangs from the waist belt behind the left hip in its black webbing frog.


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