Officer, Irish Air Force, 1937

In the 1930s the Irish army introduced a full dress for its officers, of a quite distinct pattern. The colour varied for the different Corps but the style remained essentially the same.
Headdress Medium blue shako with red top. Gilt piping features on the body of the shako. The chin cords were gilt and the peak black leather. The Corps badge was attached to the front.
Jacket As a mounted Corps the medium blue jacket of the AF was double breasted. The plastron front and collar were ornamented with red and gilt piping. On the shoulders were gilt cords. The cuffs featured a red three pointed tab with gilt piping around the cuff.
An additional ornament was the gilt cord aiguillette hanging from the left shoulder, finishing with an acorn hanging from the collar closure.
The rear of the jacket is quite plain.
Legwear Black cloth trousers with a thick red stripe down the side seams, worn with shoes or some form of dress boot.


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