Rifleman, ‘H’ Company, 2nd Battalion, Adelaide Rifles, 1898

The first South Australian Scottish unit was formed in the 1860s but had a short life. Just before the amalgamation of the colonial forces into the Australian Military Forces, South Australia had two Scottish sub-units, one at Adelaide and the other at Mount Gambier.
Headdress – Khaki cloth covered sun helmet with brass spike, mount and chin chain. A three-fold cloth puggaree was wrapped around the helmet’s body.
Jacket – Khaki serge item with green facing cloth on the collar, shoulder straps and pointed cuffs. The shoulder straps bear the unit identification including the ‘S.A.S.’ of the South Australian Scottish.
Brass buttons close the front.
Legwear – Gordon tartan trews worn over ankle boots.
Equipment - White leather waist belt closed with a brass union buckle. The bayonet frog hung behind the left hip. To the right of the buckle is a black leather ammunition pouch.
Weapon – Calibre 0.45in Martini Henry rifle Mk.I with bayonet.


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