Major, 1st Anti-Tank Regiment (Pretoria Highlanders), South African Artillery, 1954

South Africa had a long tradition of Scottish units in its volunteer and reserve forces. This unit was formed in 1939 as an infantry regiment, converting to artillery in 1946. In 1960 it reverted to an infantry role.
This mess uniform is an interesting mix of artillery traditions with Scottish.
Headdress Dark blue Glengarry cap with red pompom stitched to the crown. Black ribbon decorates the bottom edge and hangs down the back. The unit badge was fixed to a square of black ribbon on the left side of the cap.
Jacket Artillery pattern in dark blue with red facing cloth on the open lapels and shoulder straps. Attached to the sleeves were a three pointed tab. The buttons were diamond shaped, a Scottish tradition.
The rank crown is attached to the shoulder straps.
Vest Red item closed with diamond shaped buttons of white metal. Under the vest was worn a white shirt with black necktie.
Legwear Hunting Stewart kilt with dress sporran worn over the top. The sporran was brown leather with white metal fittings, on a white strap. Long tartan hose with red flashes under the turnover, worn with black leather brogues.


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