Rifleman, Liverpool Scottish volunteer Rifle Corps, 1860

The Liverpool Scottish was a relatively short-lived unit of the Volunteer Force that made a reappearance in the 1910s, and remains extant today.
Headdress Dark blue Glengarry cap with red pompom stitched to the crown. Black ribbon decorates the bottom edge and hangs down the back. The unit badge was fixed to a square of black ribbon on the left side of the cap.
Tunic Grey cloth with red facing cloth on the collar, shoulder straps and cuffs. Piping on the latter created an Austrian knot. The front, skirts and rear were also piped with red cord.
White metal buttons closed the front and were on the rear seams.
On each sleeve is the single red chevron of rank.
Legwear Urquhart tartan trews worn over ankle boots.
Equipment Brown leather waist and cross belts. The latter supports a large brown leather ammunition belt sitting behind the right hip. Behind the left hip hung the bayonet in its frog.
Weapon Calibre 0.577in Enfield 1853 rifle and bayonet.
This depiction is an estimation based on contemporary descriptions.


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