Captain, Scottish Company, 2nd Battalion, Straits Settlement Volunteer Force, 1938

In the 1920s the Scots of the Straits Settlement banded together to form a volunteer sub-unit. This occurred in a number of colonial areas including Hong Kong, Burma and India in the first few decades of the 20th century. To make transfer between units easier they all wore the same tartan.
Headdress Dark blue Balmoral with diced band (red, white and green). A red pompom is stitched to the top. The unit badge was attached to the left side, on a square of black material.
Jacket Khaki drill service dress item with open lapels. This was a standard pattern used throughout the Empire in warmer climates. The Scottish influence is in the rounded skirts to better show the sporran when worn.
It was closed with brass buttons down the front, and rank insignia was attached to the shoulder straps.
Under the jacket is worn a light khaki shirt and necktie.
Legwear For mounted duties, riding breeches of Hunting Stewart tartan, tucked into brown leather field boots.
Equipment Brown leather Sam Browne waist belt and cross supporting strap.


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