Private, 91st Regiment (Canadian Highlanders), 1914

In the year that the Great War started there were nine regiments that had Scottish links in the Canadian Army. One of these was the 91st Regiment formed in 1903 and linked to the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of the Imperial Army.
Headdress Dark blue Balmoral with diced band. Attached to the top is a red pompom. Fixed behind the regimental badge on the left side is a large feather.
Jacket Standard Canadian army service dress in khaki serge. It had a stand collar, two pleated chest pockets and two internal hip pockets. Apart from collar badges there were no embellishments. Closed with smaller brass buttons.
Legwear - Argyll kilt and sporran (black with six small white tails), diced hose with red flashes worn under white canvas spats and with ankle boots.
Equipment Waist belt from Oliver equipment set. Brass snake clasp. Frog for bayonet hangs behind the left hip.
Weapon Calibre 0.303in Ross rifle Mk.III and bayonet.


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