Piper, Band, 52nd Division Signals Regiment, Territorial Army, 1966

A number of Irish and Scottish TA units formed bands and wore tartans not seen in the regular army.
Headdress – Dark blue Glengarry cap with red pompom stitched to the crown. Black ribbon decorates the bottom edge and hangs down the back. The unit badge was fixed to a square of black ribbon on the left side of the cap.
Doublet – Dark blue ornamented with copious white piping throughout. Attached to the shoulder was a musician’s nest of lighter blue lace on dark blue background (I am unsure whether this is correct). Brass buttons decorate the doublet and close the front.
Plaid – Full version of Ogilvie tartan looped around the body and over the left shoulder, hanging down the left side. Held in place with a white metal broach.
Legwear – Ogilvie kilt with brown leather sporran worn over the top. Long tartan hose with red flashes under the turnover, worn with white canvas spats and ankle boots.
Equipment – Black leather piper’s belts with white metal fittings.


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