Lance Corporal, Officer Training Corps, Aberdeen University, 1953

Volunteer corps had been formed at many of Britain’s universities since the 1860s. In the early 20th century these were converted to the training of young officers, and many universities started new Officer Training Corps (OTCs). Of course those in Scotland adopted Scottish uniforms for their members.
Headdress – Soft-crowned peaked cap of the type designed for female soldiers. It had a turn up side flap and cloth covered peak. The chin strap is brown leather.
Jacket - Economy version of the wartime battledress jacket with exposed Bakelite buttons. The collar has been opened to show a light khaki shirt and necktie beneath.
On each sleeve is the single chevron of rank, light khaki braid on darker backing material.
Legwear – Skirt of Gordon tartan, tights (not shown) worn with shoes.
Equipment – Khaki woollen gloves for the cool mornings.


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