Private, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, Tientsin, 1908

At the turn of the last century, the commitments of the British Army saw units deployed around the world. This included China where troops were stationed to ensure Britons could make their fortune in safety, and reinforce the Empire’s wishes in the area.
Headdress – Khaki drill covered Wolesley sun helmet with multi-fold puggaree. Brown leather chin strap.
Jacket – Khaki drill item with stand and fall collar. Tailored in the Scottish fashion with rounded skirts so as not to encumber the sporran. The chest pockets have pointed flaps and pleats. No embellishments. Closed with brass buttons down the front.
Legwear – Cameron of Erracht kilt and Cameron pattern sporran (black with two white tails), Cameron hose with red flashes worn under white canvas spats and with ankle boots.
Equipment – Brown leather 1903 pattern with waist belt closed with an open brass buckle. It has four ammunition pouched attached to the front, and the bayonet frog hangs behind the left hip. The bandolier holds a further five ammunition pouches. Each pouch contains two chargers holding five rounds apiece.
Weapon – Calibre 0.303in Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk.III rifle and bayonet.


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