Corporal, 41st Battalion (the Byron Scottish), 1953

The Australian Military Forces had a number of Scottish units in its history, one of the less know was the Byron Scottish formed in the northeast of New South Wales. The region in which the unit was formed had a long Scottish tradition leading to the local infantry battalion adopting Highland attire after the second World War.
Headdress Dark blue Balmoral with diced band. A red pompom is stitched to the top. The unit badge was attached to the left side, on a square of black material.
Jacket Postwar Australian version of the battledress jacket. The collar has been opened to show, for parades, a white shirt and black necktie beneath.
On each sleeve are the white tape chevrons of rank.
Legwear - Argyll kilt and brown leather, diced hose with red flashes worn under white canvas spats and with ankle boots.
Equipment Whitened webbing waist belt with brass clasp.
Weapon Calibre 0.303in Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk.III rifle and bayonet.


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