In the storied history of the Army-Navy Game, a new chapter was written on December 10, 2022. The Navy Midshipmen football team donned uniforms inspired by NASA’s astronauts, a tribute that transcends mere aesthetics. This decision was not only a nod to the Navy’s rich history in space exploration but also a symbol of innovation, courage, and honor. In this article, we delve into the why and how of the Navy wearing NASA uniforms.

Why is Navy Wearing Nasa Uniforms
Why is Navy Wearing Nasa Uniforms

Historical Connection Between Navy and NASA

The Navy’s Astronaut Legacy

The U.S. Naval Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in many fields, but perhaps none more so than its contribution to space exploration. With 54 Naval Academy graduates having joined the ranks of NASA astronauts, the connection between the Navy and NASA is both profound and enduring.

From Alan Shepard, the first American to fly into space, to Kayla Barron, who recently returned from a 176-day stay on the International Space Station, the academy’s influence on space exploration is unparalleled. Other notable alumni include Wally Schirra (1946) and Tom Stafford (1952), who became the first two Naval Academy graduates to fly into space together in 1965.

Gemini Missions and the Navy

The Navy’s relationship with space reached a symbolic peak during the Gemini missions. The mission of Gemini 6A, launched after that year’s game ended in a tie, was delayed for more than a month after a planned docking target was destroyed in a launch failure. Instead, Schirra and Stafford achieved the world’s first rendezvous with another crewed spacecraft, Gemini 7, which had fellow academy graduate Jim Lovell (1952) on board.

With two spaceships within sight of each other, Schirra and Stafford held up a sign that read “Beat Army.” This playful rivalry extended even to the cosmos, reflecting the competitive spirit that defines both institutions.

Design and Inspiration of the Uniforms

Collaboration with Under Armour

The creation of the astronaut-themed uniform was a collaborative effort between the Naval Academy Athletic Association, Under Armour, and NASA. The use of NASA’s “meatball” insignia, coupled with the U.S. flag on the opposite arm, the Helvetica font for the players’ numbers, and the overall white color, was a deliberate choice to evoke the look of a NASA spacesuit.

Astronaut-Themed Elements

The uniforms pay tribute to six decades of Navy and NASA interaction. The helmet, a standout feature, showcases hand-crafted paintings of Bruce McCandless performing the world’s first untethered spacewalk. The players’ cleats mimic moon boots, and the socks are royal blue with a red Navy wordmark inside of the border of a NASA worm patch, adding to the space-themed aesthetics.

Reactions and Responses

The Navy’s Pride

For the Navy, the uniforms were more than mere garments; they were a source of pride and identity. Midshipmen raider Nicolas Straw expressed excitement, stating, “The helmets are so well done. The hand painting is exceptional and has such fine attention to detail.” The attention to detail in the uniforms resonated with the team, reflecting their commitment to excellence.

The Army’s Response

The Army Black Knights’ uniforms honored the 1st Armored Division during World War II, a tribute to their own legacy. Brigadier General Shane Reeves playfully took issue with the Navy’s homage to NASA, sparking a good-spirited exchange that added to the game’s rich tradition. The banter between the two academies, captured in a social media spot featuring NASA astronaut and West Point graduate Drew Morgan, highlighted the friendly rivalry that makes the Army-Navy Game a cherished event.

Case Studies and Real-Life Examples

The Impact of Space Exploration on Military Tradition

Space exploration has left an indelible mark on military culture. The Navy’s NASA-themed uniforms are a testament to this influence, reflecting a tradition that honors both earthly battles and cosmic exploration.

Marketing and Branding Through Uniforms

Themed uniforms are more than a fashion statement; they are a powerful branding tool. The Navy’s NASA uniforms not only honored history but also engaged fans, creating a unique identity that resonated beyond the football field.

Practical Tips and Best Practices

Creating Themed Uniforms for Teams

For teams looking to create themed uniforms, collaboration, creativity, and authenticity are key. The Navy’s success in creating a NASA-inspired uniform offers valuable insights into balancing aesthetics with meaning.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

Embracing new ideas while honoring tradition is a delicate balance. The Navy’s uniforms achieved this by invoking both the past and the future, offering a lesson in how to engage audiences without losing sight of core values.


The Navy’s decision to wear NASA-inspired uniforms at the 123rd Army-Navy Game was more than a stylistic choice; it was a statement of identity, history, and aspiration. It highlighted the Navy’s contributions to the U.S. space program and celebrated a long-lasting rivalry that first reached outer space almost 60 years ago. As we reflect on this unique intersection of space, military, and sports, we are reminded of the power of symbols and the enduring legacy of the Army-Navy Game.

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